Ronaldo unhappy with the substitution, coach Santos criticizes him: I didn't like his gesture

2022-12-05 16:40:10Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Fernando Santos and Cristiano Ronaldo

Despite Cristiano Ronaldo's denial, Portugal coach Fernando Santos has admitted that there was an argument between them when he replaced the striker with Andre Silva in the 65th minute of the match against South Korea.

Before panicking, European media reported that Ronaldo told the Portuguese coach: "You're always in an awful hurry to replace me, be careful with me."

Coach Santos admitted during today's press conference that he did not like Ronaldo's gesture at all. The 37-year-old seemed unhappy with the technician's decision to remove him from the playing field, but the coach is clear on this point.

"Of course I have seen the images and I can say that I did not like his gesture. These are issues that are resolved in the dressing room and of course we have resolved it. We should stop talking about this and focus on tomorrow's match," he said.