STRANGE/ The Serbs cannot 'chew' the loss: Two Albanian witches cursed our footballers against Switzerland (Video)

2022-12-05 10:50:58Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Switzerland is a nightmare for Serbia in football. This time too, Switzerland managed to win against Serbia in a very wonderful match, where Xherdan Shaqiri was the protagonist with a goal and Granit Xhaka was named as the best player of the match.

The Serbs are not yet ready to chew on this. Even in a television show, they have unleashed their imagination with their statement.

" Switzerland has paid witches to curse Serbia's players. They have two Albanian witches, the others are African. Each of the witches is paid $10 million ," they said during the show.

This is actually an unusual thing, unheard of before, where the Serbs are trying to sell their defeat in the World Cup in this way in front of the public.