Exciting hug. Szczesny has to comfort his son, who was crying after being eliminated from the World Cup

2022-12-05 08:01:52Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Not just gestures of anger, such as Lukaku's venting against the bench, punching him, after Belgium's elimination, or even worse, the attacks on the trio of referees by the Uruguayan players.

There are also those, like Szczesny, who put aside personal disappointment to console those who seem to have taken it much worse than him to be eliminated from the World Cup in Qatar.

Images of the Poland and Juventus goalkeeper are breaking the web as he tries to comfort his son at the end of the game, in tears after the defeat to France.

Szczesny, protagonist of a remarkable World Cup, however, who conceded two penalties in three games, thus shows an intimate but highly valued side of his character and sensibility.