The intimate video of the girl, who is trying to invalidate the authority of SPAK.

2023-10-01 21:34:58Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA MERO BAZE
SPAK building

The "resources" of SPAK, which risk poisoning SPAK itself

Speculating on a girl's personal video and identifying her as a "girlfriend of criminals", which was discovered by the seized phones of SPAK, is an ugly phenomenon, which affects both the private life of a girl on the one hand and the authority of SPAK on the other hand.

First of all, the culture of public blackmail with erotic videos in Albania is taking on irresponsible proportions, and the Albanian legislation on this point is still incomplete, as it is a new phenomenon of the digital world. We have dozens of cases that lead to suicide and psychological pressure on teenagers, but also adult women and girls whose intimate moments are used to enslave or blackmail them. Our legislation should be strict and very pro-active in favor of victims in this case, setting examples with maximum penalties for blackmailers. 

Blackmail with personal videos, in the conditions of a society still frustrated by the exposure of personal life such as Albania, is almost like blackmail for the death penalty. And it should be punished as such.

And here those who spread it should be punished, as well as the registered media that broadcast it without censorship and reveal identities.

The last case where a named moderator is being talked about is even more scandalous, as not only is someone's personal life attacked, but this is also billed to SPAK.

In this case, SPAK has taken care, through the journalists who cooperate with it, to reject the possibility that that video belongs to their evidence, and this is clear.

We may be facing a case to invalidate the authority of SPAK.

But SPAK, on ??the other hand, must make a difference with the ugly tradition of deconspiracy of files by the Albanian prosecution.

A certain number of file messengers that appear on the screens, with partial information, with quarter truths and hints, referring to their "sources in SPAK", are a daily struggle against the authority of SPAK. And these second ones are in the majority from the ranks of those who succeeded Mr. SPAK and did well, in this ugly case.

Of course, we have lost hope in our prosecutor's office, which as soon as it receives the files, publishes whatever it wants in the press, with private sources of journalists, and then continues the investigations.

But let's hope that SPAK will not allow this practice.

While in this particular case it seems that we are facing a speculation, there are dozens of other cases of files that are under investigation, that the media refers to sources from SPAK and even internal wars in SPAK for certain files.

This is also an ugliness. SPAK, like any prosecutor's office, has a law on deconspiracy of investigations and can put it into practice, whenever someone refers to "my sources" from SPAK, or the prosecution, whether this is a journalist, a politician or a simple citizen.

They have no way of leaking their files and information to private sources in the press. If SPAK or the ordinary prosecution wants, it publishes them itself.

Therefore, just as harmful as this last event with this girl, who denigrated her by referring to SPAK, is the phenomenon of those who appear on the screens with private messages from SPAK about whatever happens in the country. So much so that it often seems as if the prosecutors, before starting the investigation of the file, report it once to the media and then start work. 

To prove to us that they do not do this, it is good that there are lawsuits from time to time and against those who talk to their sources from SPAK. Thus, SPAK will make a difference with the justice until now, which tests the prey once by throwing it to the crowds, then begins the investigation, and depending on the popular bites, decides the punishment and the fine.