How do his subordinates take the politician who runs the institution "captive"?

2023-09-18 17:40:23Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ARTAN FUGA
Artan Fuga

It seems paradoxical. The boss who leads with a political mandate, with broad powers, almost God in the institution or agency he leads, will his subordinates be "captured"? Those whom he has appointed perhaps with his own hand, according to his own pleasure, without asking anyone?

Yes, yes, yes, it is possible, however impossible it seems. This has been proven theoretically by the sociology of bureaucracy, where Max Weber's work occupies a special place, it has been confirmed in not a few cases, even day by day the planetary experience of bureaucracy, you often see it in the Albanian reality, it touches everyone with a smile , oh how cute (!), and philosophy has signaled it for a long time.

How beautifully the 19th century German philosopher Hegel explained the relationship between slave owner and slave. Everyone, without needing to think, understands that the slave depends on the slave owner. But, philosophical ingenuity is when you understand that even the slave owner depends on the slave.

Imagine if the slave doesn't want to work anymore! Kill me! - to tell the slave owner. The latter without slaves then dies for bread. Thing is, are there enough smart slave owners today to figure that out!!!


Nay, these are old stories! Let's come to our reality.

Is it possible for subordinates, let's say employees, to go up against their boss, let's say a politician who runs an institution, ask him for all kinds of privileges, take him as a "captive", not ask him hard no matter how much in advance to others, they call him "boss", "boss", and behind their backs, they make fun of him, they put all kinds of cute mocking nicknames, not to hang on him at all, as the people say, in a word, "to get into his neck", and from here woe to the citizen?

It can, how can it not! Don't you see it so clearly from time to time, that everything comes out in public in the form of scandals, shames, that the whole world laughs, laughs and shuts up, shuts up and laughs!

Why does this happen? Oooo, for a thousand acres

eyes, but let's mention a few:

It happens, says the sociology of bureaucracy, that the chief - politician leads an institution, not because he has the professional competence to do it. The doctor happens to run the army, the financier happens to run the culture, the military pretends to run the education, and so on. It is understood that in order to maintain ethics I chose the examples a little in vain, but this is the reality.

So what's a desert boss to do? Of course, not understanding anything about the field in which he should exercise the duty he received as a gift, he has a vital need for his technical employees who are removed as professionals in that field. He does what they tell him, otherwise he risks making terrible mistakes, becoming a lolo in public, going into a ridiculous state that within a few months will destroy his authority, reputation and, with it, his position.

Imagine an underling making a public speech to his boss with all sorts of fluff that reminds me of Shvejk's articles in a bird magazine! The whole world would laugh to tears at the boss's blunders.

Therefore, the latter, knowing this, also enslaves his subordinate, but also feels a slave of his slave, or a submissive, playful, "sexy" slave of his slave, that is, of his subordinate who throw the brains of a donkey or a donkey!

But, this is the best case. There is still worse. The subordinate is appointed because he has friends, he has political connections, he has relations with the world of wealth, he has a close cousin to this or that powerful politician, he just comes from a strong clan.

Then woe to the boss! Not that he cannot command his subordinate, but he is servile to him, fulfills all his whims, almost carries him on his back.

Once an Albanian ambassador in a European capital told me in confidence: O Tan, of all the embassy employees, I cannot command any one, because they were appointed with much stronger political connections than mine! One day the driver also said to me: Why will I wait for you to come out in the evening from a diplomatic activity? Go or take a taxi, or tell an ambassador from another country to pick you up when you get back!

Meanwhile, some of the subordinates campaign for their boss. So the boss knows that his power has come from the work of his subordinates. But not from the work that is regularly paid with a salary, but from that other work of the militant in the party, who saves the votes in the voting commission, who can pay any money in hand to influence this or that segment of the electorate.

But, the political boss or boss has his own vices, his own whims, his own weaknesses, his own libido, like every other person. It can also be a bit of a kleptomaniac or pickpocket. He shoots them, because we are human beings, so that he needs to make some questionable tender, to make some decision that privileges his husband, his aunt's son, his sister's husband, he needs to "soak" his hands a little in the privileges he has distributed with their own decisions, then who will do this "dirty work", except one or several of their subordinates?

After doing this once, twice, three times, shame comes out. Together with shame and fear. The border has been crossed. Virginity has been overcome as an archaic obstacle, as Balzac said in the Human Comedy, he can have "sex" as much as he wants, so he can enter deeper and deeper into corrupt relationships with his subordinates!

Now the subordinates have the right to turn the boss or the boss into a kaluch to do a "kaluch jump". They want salaries, rapid career advancement, higher and higher salaries, luxury services, inflated diets, they want to travel first class on the plane, preferably come to work there by eleven in the morning, go out for coffee when they want to take advantage of tenders for their relatives, in a word, to lay their boss or boss on the ground and dance over them!

Here the institution is then taken by the river. Citizens who remember that they are led by the politician they voted for, are actually led by the boss's bastard, harlot, swindler, devil-stupid subordinates!

Boss, oh boss!, there are only straw keys!

Nuk besoni? Shifni raportet Kontrollit të Lartë të Shtetit për abuzimet në administrata! Një pjesë e mirë e kanë burimin pikërisht këtu!

Te nëpunësi vartës që pasi e ka vendosur poshtë shalëve të veta qafën e shefit apo të shefes së vet, gufmohet me kostum e kollare nëpër makina luksoze, kafenera të shtrenja, resorte, avionë, a gjetiu, qethur shkurt jo gjithmonë sepse është tullac, por se ngjan si i fortë, në shoqëri të të ngjashmëve të tij, duke krijuar shoqërinë e fshehtë të vartësve që sundojnë shefat e tyre! Popullin e përbuzin, puna nuk është për ta, ata veçse japin urdhëra, kanë lloj lloj emërtesash "këshilltar", por që në fakt këshillat e tyre janë urdhëra për shefen e tyre, ose shefin e tyre, shpesh nuk janë veçse lëçitje të qejfit të shefit a shefes në sytë e këtyre të fundit, dhe kështu administrata tenton të bëhet një familje e madhe ku vartës dhe shefa janë bërë në fakt vëllamër, motrushe, krushq me njëri-tjetrin.

This thing sometimes takes such horror proportions that one day I jumped up when I heard a lawless MP who, in a meeting of a committee of the Assembly, considered the other MPs there, even from the opposition, as a group of friends with each other, and the citizens as foreign people pretending to stick their noses in their business!

But these are pathological cases, after all, as Freud wrote, the real pathology is this: the pathology of our daily life!