Berisha is acting as a defendant and a person in the know about his daughter and son

2023-09-15 22:10:06Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA MERO BAZE
Sali Berisha and Mero Baze

For all those who do not understand the coded language of Sali Berisha against SPAK, in two concrete cases, that of the Partizani club robbed by his daughter and that of Gërdec, where the real owner is his son, you can watch his interview yesterday at A2, to realize that he is a watchful follower step by step of every investigation into his daughter and son.

Detajet me të cilat ai fliste për historikun e tokës së Klubit “Partizani”, sulmin ndaj Dekretit të Jakomonit që ka shpronësuar familjet tiranase kur ua ka marrë tokën, referencën ndaj Arkivës së Shtetit e cila një herë ka dhënë deklaratë zyrtare se ato toka janë shpronësuar dhe pastaj kur ka ndërhyrë vajza e Berishës, deklarata është zhdukur dhe detaje të tjera nga dosja, tregojnë se Berisha është tërësisht i informuar në çdo detaj për dosjen.

Përfshirja e tij kaq e thellë në atë dosje, tregon dy gjëra.

Or Berisha is deeply involved in this file, since he committed the crime when he was prime minister, and he was aware that he was falsifying a property that did not belong to the son-in-law's family, and then he forced him to go through all the steps others taking part to other owners in exchange for his power, or all were done with his approval, without going into details and now that the case has gone to SPAK, he is interested page by page with the file, trying to intimidate prosecutors.

Whatever the truth may be, even if Berisha has been aware of all the speculations since he was Prime Minister, and if he only supported them then and is now looking at what he did, he cannot change anything.

What Berisha radiated on television yesterday was the alarm that SPAK was uncovering the truth, and he was simply threatening them. One prosecutor accused him of being Taulant Balla's lover, others as thugs who remove and insert bandages according to him, but overall he just showed that he is dealing with every page of that investigative file, and is preparing for a fight with justice.

The second aspect of Berisha's alarm is taking responsibility for child theft. Berisha stated that he is ready to assume any criminal responsibility if his children have violated the public interest by using his power. This now needs no declaration that it is clear that his children have been brought as owners of Albania under his power.

The thing is that justice does not delegate the responsibility of children to the father, for criminal acts committed under the power of the father. If the children have broken the law, at the time the father ruled, the children are punished. If the father has paved the way for their illegality, the father is also punished, but this story does not pass so easily by saying "don't do anything to the children, punish me". The children will be punished as thieves who have violated the laws of the state, while the father will be punished as a master thief, who has enabled them to violate the laws and not be punished. As described in the motivation of the State Department when it declared him "non grata" by family, "for major corruption, using political power to evade justice".