Berisha's codes as an old mafioso towards SPAK

2023-09-08 21:30:55Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA MERO BAZE
Sali Berisha

In the conditions where SPAK has crushed the authority of the government by arresting ministers, deputy prime minister, deputies, five mayors and about 40 high officials, of course every opposition in the world would be happy. In a way SPAK is doing what they cannot do and is strengthening in Albania the authority of the law towards state officials.

The country's prime minister is holding his nerve and biting his tongue, adding warnings to those who are exposed before the law, giving support to SPAK.

Lulzim Basha has done the same on behalf of the official Democratic Party. He has supported every activity of SPAK and has accepted that he will cooperate with justice in every case, recognizing the reform in justice as a work of his party.

In spite of him, Sali Berisha, who claims to lead the largest opposition in the country, yesterday appeared on his son's television, to humiliate SPAK, threatening them "to dare to take their foot out of the circle".

He repeated it several times, speaking in codes like an old mafioso, who reminds his associates of events and stories that "compromise" him, saying meaningless or half-meaning sentences, mentioning names in power as mixed with them and insisting "Yes, he kept them, let them take the leg out of the circle."

The ferocity with which he spoke about SPAK, the details he mentioned as mafia codes, and the half-hearted stories he tried to tell, completely complete the portrait of a man caught by crime and panicked by justice, who in his last hours acts as strong and sends humiliating messages to show that they dare not touch him.

And on this side, he has history with him. What hasn't he done these 32 years and they haven't touched him. He is the first to destroy elections, the first to wage a civil war in the country with thousands of victims, the first to ambush and kill the founder of PD, the first to kill to steal in Gërdec, and the first to has shot people without ever being asked about any of this on January 21, 2011. As such, he has created the myth of untouchability in this country, and his humiliating threats against SPAK seem credible in continuing this tradition.

The majority of Albanians really believe that Berisha can humiliate SPAK, they can tell the prosecutors and they will not dare to touch him for anything he has done these 32 years.

But let's leave aside what SPAK will do, that is SPAK's job, not ours. Our job is to discuss how an opposition leader who spends all his energies on humiliating justice by threatening not to deal with him or his thieving children can be a hope and option for power in a country.

In addition to showing the real reason why he does not go home, but destroys the opposition for his own trouble, he on the other hand is showing us faster than SPAK (like Klodiana Lala), that his son and his daughter are under intensive investigations, one for the blueberries of Gërdec (and not the 26 killed in Gërdec, ironically), the other for the affair of the Partizani club.

So all that rage of Sali Berisha, all that mafia language with codes and caveman slurs, all that attempt to humiliate SPAK prosecutors, are simply the language of a frightened man who deconstructs and the motive why he has conquered the opposition.

A calm opposition leader aiming for power would have sung SPAK the greatest possible hymns today and could only be limited by the shyness of being told that he is using SPAK to come to power, with what SPAK has done against the power.

Only Sali Berisha and our opposition can happen that SPAK practically handcuffs the opponent, and he screams and tells him not to come near me because I killed him. This shows how trapped the opposition leadership is and why it never inspires hope.

Just the way he talks about SPAK, the mafia language he uses, his focus on details would be enough to show us that he eavesdrops on SPAK what he does day and night, where they go, where they eat, where they sleep, where they get files, where they buy toilet paper, etc., to understand that this man has no rival, neither Edi Rama, nor Lulzim Basha, but SPAK.

So "he lives and works as if surrounded by SPAK", as Tritan Shehu used to say in his youth.