Shades of Ilir Meta's Greek thriller

2023-08-29 21:20:46Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA YLLI PATA
Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi

The public interaction of ex-president Ilir Meta and his wife, MP and ex-president of LSI, has been fixed on social networks since the first week of August.

But it took a news published in TemA, to produce a strange thriller, which had its ground in social networks and the blogosphere of Tirana's public discussion.

Interesting, however, is the fact that all this frenzy of interaction hides many dilemmas, the fact that it happened, and we are even in a mess of events and versions, even though basically, we are dealing with a gossip news or wine announcement.

On Sunday at dinner, the news was published in the newspaper TemA, where it was emphasized that the leader of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, together with his family, is spending the weekend in Skiathos, Greece, where they are staying in a luxury tourist facility. And according to the prices of Elivi Hotel, it cost 630 euros a night.

The news was published in the evening, and of course there was interest in reading, as such news with important characters have.

But as soon as Monday dawned, Ilir Meta published a selfie from Saranda on the official website on social networks, where he greeted his followers. His expression was smiling and relaxed, a message that seems to be conveyed by his extravagant pink summer outfit.

It didn't take long, and the solo selfie turned into a couple. Meta's wife, Monika Kryemadhi, published a second selfie, together with her husband from Saranda. Almost the same place, but a different angle of photography. Just like Meta's selfie, the duo shared a smiling and relaxed look, dressed in a summery and sporty way. Mrs. Kryemadhi wore an olive-colored blouse with a circular wooden bow on her left arm.

Kryemadhi, in addition to the greeting from Saranda, which Ilir Meta had given before, emphasized that they would meet with the LRI in Jalë, as has already become a ritual. What is LRI doing? Was it LRI-Youth Movement for Integration? With the merger of the LSI and its renaming to the Freedom Party, what is the name of the LRI now? Anyway.

Then Monika Kryemadhi posts another photo with her husband and a small child, without revealing the location.

But after these posts, some media published photos of the car used by the former President and Monika Kryemadhi walking near the border police counter at the crossing point in Kakavije.

After a pause almost all day and night, in the morning Mrs. Kryemadhi posted another photo with former President Ilir Meta. which this time was not in summer colors, but in long blue denim pants and a long-sleeved shirt with blue stripes. The look was no longer smiling, nor relaxed, but a bit angry alla-Trump.

"To all those who deliberately confuse the lake of Ioannina with the island of Skiathos. Ioannina is very beautiful and very cheap, only 118 euros a night. This photo is a greeting from my side to the whole chorus of media slanders that continue to be paid with the money of the incinerators by Edi Rama", writes Mrs. Kryemadhi in the note next to the family photo where, as she says, she is near the famous lake after she lived until she died and Ali Pashai.

All these frenetic changes in a short span of time lead to a thought that there is something wrong here. Because it is unclear: was it in Saranda, Jalë, Ioannina, or Skiathos?

But what does it have to do with it? He could have been wherever he wanted, Iliri and Monika don't have to answer to anyone. And they don't have to, damn it, it is still incomprehensible why this storm blew in the glass. There could be two lines: We have been to Skiathos, or we have not been to Skiathos. And the case was closed, as it has been closed from time to time, with every politician, about whom the media wrote that he was here or there.

Meanwhile, it does not seem that the thesis that Meta-Kryemadhi are narcissists, they hardly show in public that they have stayed in a hotel that costs a little expensive. Experience shows that this is not the case. They do not hide that they live in luxury apartments or own significant real estate assets. Even our media are full of news about Ilir Meta's wealth.

Po atëherë përse po tentohet të përdridhet destinacioni real, duke e kthyer një udhëtim fundjave në një “tragjedi greke”. E këtu, duket se shtohen më shumë pikëpyetjet e kësaj fundjave, më shumë se sa çështja e namuzit për kostot e fryra. A ka pasur takime “diplomatike jo formale” në udhëtimin e parë të njohur të ish-Presidentit në vendin fqinj. Pikërisht në një kohë kur situata mes dy vendeve është e nderë. Meta, ka mbajtur gjithnjë relacione të mira me politikanë e autoritete greke. Kur ishte President, ka dekoruar ambasadoren greke në Tiranë, e cila kishte një aktivitet të dendur pro “helenizimit të Himarës”, si dhe i dha shtetësinë shqiptare, Kryepeshkopit Anastas Janullaos.

Meta, on the other hand, together with Sali Berisha, has supported the statement of the Athens meeting, where Micotaqis called the leaders of the Balkans, not inviting the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama.

"I welcome the participation of all the countries of the Western Balkans, as well as the well-deserved one of the Republic of Kosovo, always thinking that the policy of European integration is a policy of union and not exclusion, a policy that fits the philosophy of the Berlin Process by excluding initiatives individuals that create tension.

The Freedom Party is against the position of Prime Minister Rama, who continues to implement a personal foreign policy, against the interests of Albanians and the western future of Albania", writes Meta on his Facebook page, about the Athens meeting.