We killed the two Italian tourists a little at a time

2023-08-24 21:47:10Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA MERO BAZE
Vincenzo Tizzano, 32, and Domenico Gritto, 24, the two victims of the accident in Saranda

The fatal accident of two young Italians in Ksamil is the worst news of the season. And it gets worse, when the killers are not just two teenagers, but our culture of lawlessness, when two teenagers take the car and let loose without any fear on the roads of the busiest area in the Republic, this month.

The murder of two Italian tourists is also a typical crime of our illegal culture, where parents are honored that their children take the car on the road without getting their license and even worse, take their friend with them in the car.

The punishments in this case should be not only for the children, but also for the owner of the car who gave it to the children, and their parents.

The two Italian tourists were killed, they did not have an accident. They were on their way and someone cut their lives in the middle, simply because of the irresponsibility of Albanian families, Albanian society and public order. We killed them all little by little. And it is exactly the punishment we give to our tourism, precisely from our vices.

The dismissal of Saranda's traffic chief is a useless measure. I don't know who it is, but the traffic problem in Saranda and Ksamil in the summer has nothing to do with the 5 policemen that Saranda has.

Saranda and Ksamili need a new municipal police status during the summer season and of course additional special forces to discipline traffic.

The Municipality of Saranda has requested this from the Ministry of Order several times over the years, but it has not been approved.

Only Tirana currently has this status. Only in the capital can the municipal police discipline the traffic, impose fines and take control of the traffic when there is a crisis.

First, this needs to be turned into law. The entire coastal area of ??Albania in the summer should convert the municipal police with the powers of the traffic police and take control of the traffic.

The streets of Saranda and Ksamil, in addition to being narrow and unprepared for this flow, also suffer from the culture of the local residents, who still do not understand that everything means parking for 5 minutes in the middle of the street, buying bread or asking the neighbor how he slept last night.

The sedentary culture of the 9 winter months in an empty town with no traffic turns into a traffic cancer in the summer.

Add to this the arrogance of a part of the tourists who come from the emigration to demonstrate the car or the new status of the person with Lek, and the situation there becomes untenable.

As few policemen as there are in Saranda, Lezha or Kavaja for the beach season, they are negligible, unless new forces are engaged.

Finally, this event, like last year's accident in Llaman, should be turned into a precedent of high punishment, raising to another standard the punishment for family, social and legal responsibility for teenagers who are pampered and turn into street kamikaze. of Albania.

They didn't just kill those teenage tourists. We have all helped the killers with our lawless culture in traffic, with the tolerance of lawlessness and above all with the lack of fear of the law in such cases.