Mero Baze: Media paid by Berisha and Ahmetaj are attacking the prosecutors of the sterilization file

2023-08-19 12:05:01Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA MERO BAZE
Sali Berisha, Arben Ahmetaj and Mero Baze

The recent wave of arrests of senior health officials brought the debate back to justice reform and the sensitivity that arrests of senior officials evoke.

Edi Rama has annoyed the parties, more by the fact that he does not seem bothered by the arrests and that he boasts of the reform in justice as his and his party's work, than by the fact that he does not protect the arrested.

This has provoked anger among the opposition who think that as long as Edi Rama is satisfied by SPAK, then something is not right. And they have dared to lynch the prosecutor's office, which has conducted one of the most serious investigations.

All this shows that in Albania, on the one hand, the mentality about justice and politics is changing radically, and there is a content not to comment on justice, on the other hand, there is a resistance to continue the tradition of lynching justice, reminding us of the decade of gone.

12 years ago a prime minister killed in the middle of the boulevard, boasted that he killed four unarmed, harmless and defenseless citizens in front of his bullets, and not only has not been asked after 12 years why he killed them, but brutally prevented justice to investigate, did not hand over the guards to be investigated, destroyed the evidence of the Prime Minister's server, did not allow the prosecutors willing to take evidence at the scene by wiping the bullets in their eyes with a broom, and set up an investigative commission against the General Prosecutor, the president and the opposition of journalists.

12 years ago, "statesman" was called the one who did not deliver his people to justice. And this man was Sali Berisha. Those prosecutors that he removed from the Prime Minister's office are still prosecutors and many of them in SPAK, and they are still afraid of him.

On the other hand, the country's prime minister, who is the object of SPAK's investigations and the arrest campaign, feels free to investigate any secret of the government and considers this a new standard for Albania. There is no curse for SPAK, no curse for the court, no remorse for its officials who go to justice.

The opposite continues to happen today.

All the opposition of Berisha and Meta, and all the journalists who are some on the wanted list, and some on the Shkëlzen border, have complained to SPAK prosecutors, why don't they arrest x person, why do they arrest y person, they praise a judge who demanded investigations more, and they lynch a prosecutor who jailed 9 people in one day.

The truth is that prosecutor Kondili has done a deep investigation, based on the people who have dealt with the procedures, and there have been problems related to the institutions, one of which, as it appears from the file, is the figure of the actual costs of sterilization before the concession was made. If it is really inflated or if it is a sign error, this should be investigated, since only then does the institutional responsibility for why this concession started begin.

The other two companies have also given approximate figures for the concession in their bids and this creates a debate on the preliminary costs that existed for sterilization before the concession and those after. As presented by the prosecution, i.e. 56 percent are more inflated, the judge has the right to request the investigation of other persons, as it is a reason to suspect that the concession was started on false figures.

So all this is a professional debate and not a political debate.

But even today, when the entire judiciary is producing daily news by arresting high government officials, starting with the deputy prime minister, the old Albanian policy thinks that it can dictate to the prosecutors, who to arrest and who to release, as if they are in a meeting leadership of Berisha when they expel people from the party.

Today's approach, Edi Rama's praise for SPAK's operations, and the lynching of Sali Berisha's media-political gang are enough to dictate the investigations, to understand in whose hands justice could be if there was no justice reform. .

Now we would be at the moment when Taulant Balla received the list of arrests, told the prosecutor I don't want to arrest them because "you are making a coup with Saliu and Iliri" and then went at midnight to destroy the evidence. And they didn't even dare to question him. Like Saliu, who have been thinking for 12 years.