What is this Greek MP who comes and meets a vote seller in Himara?!

2023-08-13 10:28:56Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA SPARTAK NGJELA
Fredi Beleri and the Greek MP, Angelos Syrigos

What is this Greek deputy who comes here, he meets a vote seller in Himara, a certain Beleri, Beleri, do you say that this evil individual, caught for buying votes and convicted by the Albanian court for election crime, we need a hero.

But the fact that a Greek MP, Mr. Angelos Syrigos, comes and demands the release of a convicted person by an Albanian court, because he bought votes and was caught red-handed for committing a crime, proves that Greek politics has failed us financed the vote buyer in Himare.

And the fear of Greek politics is due to the fact that it is now understood that the issue of Albanian Chameria is a historical fact that is now heading towards the opening of the malicious anti-Albanian history, as a crime that Greece committed in 1946 against the Albanian people.

And now, at such a historical time, Greek politics seeks to put pressure on Albania with a case related to a crime that was caught red-handed in Himara.

Do you understand the ridiculous state in which the Greek policy vis-a-vis Albania is?

Why can politics be opposed and court decisions overturned?

Shame that this is thought by a policy of a European Union country! Because it is understood that he was worried about the Albanian truth that is moving forward more and more every day. What about Greek politics, has it not yet understood the current strength of the Albanian state?

And it is laughable that Greek politics, with this Syrigos, calls this Beleri a minority. But where are there minorities in Himare! there are some fakirs who receive a pension from Greece, and they talk disparagingly.

Himara was and is the center of Labëria. You Syrigos, have you heard Himara's labe songs?!

But you are degraded by the false opinion of a certain Great Greece. At a time when today in that Greece there are about 6 million Albanians who are called Arvanitas. It is laughable that these fakirs still have the belief that they can conquer South Albania. This is great humor, and a mental breakdown that has been plaguing Greek ignorance for 200 years, because the real history of what they call Greece is still hidden from the Greeks themselves in schools with lies.

Ignorant everywhere...

But from now on, they have become a bit more serious, because the Arvanites in Greece are no longer afraid to speak Albanian.

Dhe kisha greke po e vuan.

Kurse ne shqiptarët po qeshim. Por kisha greke e di se krishterimi në Gadishullin Ilirik ka ardhur nga Shqipëria dhe shqiptarët. Dhe shqiptarët i ka takuar me krishterimin dhe me Jezu Krishin, Shën Pali, që ka zbritur në Durrës dhe e ka sjellë krishterimin në Iliri dhe në Arbëri, dhe se dioqeza e krishterë e Durrësit është themeluar në vitin 95 pas Krishtit.

Kurse krishterimi në Greqi ka hyrë rreth 500 vite më pas, kur në Shqipëri ai ishte kthyer në një fe kryesore. Por këta që shkruajnë pallavra ose janë injorantë, ose janë mbeturinat e pushtuesve të tokave shqiptare nga serbët dhe nga grekët. Sepse i ka trembur gjithmonë karakteri historik shqiptar i Kosovës dhe Çamërisë. Por serbët e humbën pushtimin e tyre të Kosovës, dhe Kosova tani është një shtet i pavarur shqiptar.

Po Çamëria?

Çameria is also heading towards that path. And time brought that, the entire ethnic Albanian autochthonous in the Illyrian Peninsula, is moving towards unification, after a suffering of about 200 years of a monstrous Albanian patriotism against it. Meanwhile, in the history of the Illyrian Peninsula, the historical truth of Albanianism is triumphing.

Wait and see...