I'm sorry I made you worried about Edi Rami! The tower tower, don't bring people to negotiate.

2023-08-12 22:20:56Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

By Mero Baze

Now I have to make another deepened self-criticism of journalist colleagues, berisha supporters and other fearful opposition who are spying on why this is happening, who is attacking Rama for the tower, why they are attacking him, what is behind all this etc.

Initially I apologize to the steadfast journalists in defense of Berisha, who I forced to move for a moment from their rifle guarding model 56 rifles, that no one attacked Berisha, and jumped to the defence of Edi Ram.

I don't know if they have done this with berisha's permission or without permission, but for me this is a conscience killing as I know what it means to leave the trenavo that protects Saliu and to jump to protect Rama from "his own".

If they did so with Sai's permission, let me forgive and not consider this autocracy.

But I know how sincere they are in this, for within the Foltore, the betrayal of speaking against the former is above all treason. And they are so sensitive.

Second, I have to apologize to Erion Veliaj, for whom most of the above mentioned have the idea that he was against the tower and its permission and will now take vengeance against Rama through me, because Rama has given the tower permission.

I know I haven't opened any real troubles, but he with as much intelligence as he has, can present this as a great PR service to Ram, as by sacrificing himself and enduring rumors against him, has made it possible for the wildest scullions of Saliu journalists to make them feel sorry for Ram and mourn for 24 hours that are slapping his neck.

If you were to give it to each one tower, no one could reach.

And all this was made possible by testing whether they were really upset with Ramma or not, the people of Berisha. The test proved not only that they are not upset with Ram, but they are upset with anyone who dares to touch Ram.

I apologize for the reason why we are being deconspired by our people near Berisha.

Third, I have to apologize to Gim, Shtuf, Sandri's brother-in-law, Sandri himself, Sandri's friends, their partners and all the interested parties at Rolling Hills Tower Hall.

I have nothing personal with them. They don't have to send people out for negotiations or lunches and dinners, because I don't have any problems.

I've known them since thirty years ago, when someone started their business selling women in Bologna, others selling sugar water and then like all their friends, from those who deal with towers.

The thing is, they will now identify with the tower of Zen, and besides being illuminated for the public everything, they will have to take it upon themselves sometimes to swear and attack and Zen, or else they can lose everything.

I don't care much about Gimen, because he did it how many times he needed to, for these others, before Zen.

As for Shtuf, they don't have to let Mrs Garo protect herself, because she doesn't hand over money to the PD but to Instead to Instead. Or at least Armina can come out, because she has formally given him the villa that makes 10,<> euros a month with symbolic rent.

In the end, I must apologize to Shkëlzen for not only reflecting on the damage luli has done to the family, but is worried that he may not do the same to Erion Edi Ramma.

Such a care for Rame makes us all blunder.

And so much he loved this idea that in today's reaction he used the words of The Obedience article, where the word "dedimen" that Ion has neither in the dictionary nor in the province. It's only in character, but it needs to be explained that it's not a good word. He can say that to his word.

And so one side protects the tower, the other protects the tower and both side by side are looking to find out who is behind this fight.

I stay if you need me!

You and your enemy are fake. Like the owners of the tower. /Topic