Genc Sejko: Some questions for Berisha, Këlliçi and the Deputies of The Foltore that were sold for the tower

2023-08-08 16:48:20Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Sali Berisha and Belid Këllici / Tower of Foltore / Genc Sejko

By Genc Sejko

Answers to some questions can avoid judgments and prejudices about the involvement of opposition interests in the tower behind TOB.

1. Permission for the tower has been granted in March this year. How come Belind Këllici never mentioned its construction during the campaign and deliberately confused it yesterday with another tower? How could Callic lose political access to the fact of building the tallest tower in the Balkans on a flower? The postponement of the march to August start doesn't seem so random when you consider the holding of local elections.

2. The opposition has denounced the construction of every tower and interests of the oligarchs of Thessal. Why is he silent this time and mourning the flower without mentioning the construction of the tower? What is special about this tower that doesn't deserve the attention of the opposition?

3. Why did no member of the speaker react to this construction while today they are in line to distribute the status of Shkëlzen Berisha?

4. The developer of this project is the company NOVA with owner Ilir Shtuf. One of the biggest beneficiaries of reconstruction tenders and photovoltaic parks. On a modest budget in the QKR he will build a 60-storey tower. Why not ask for a SPAK investigation into the money that is cleaned in the next tower in Tirana? As it has for incensors.

5. What does Ilir Shtufi associate with Shkëlzen Berisha?

6. Mr. Sali Berisha's position at the press conference was similar to that of Mr. Shkëlzen Berisha, in which he challenged The Obsei to revoking the permit. Will this be the position that the opposition will maintain for every tower that will be built in Tirana?
The opposition to answer these and others who hide behind concrete and shuffles "investors". Otherwise, the smoke of "removing attention from incenators" is simply an alibi to hide traces from the tower of government-opposition interests. If Rama lures you and traps you with building permits and other favors, the moral to make the opposition is buried with the mud that filled the famous pit of Aydin Seyda.