The tower will be beautiful, don't worry about that, worry about the humiliating corruption of Berisha by Rama

2023-08-07 10:01:45Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA MERO BAZE
"Tower of corruption" in Berisha

They have just started the works on the highest tower that will be built in the capital, at the former "Ajdin Sejdi Pit", and they have started a series of reactions. In fact, the permit for the tower was not granted today, it has been granted for some time. And the procedure was public.

For the sake of truth, the project of the tower is very beautiful and if it manages to be built, it can create a harmony with the rest of the towers in Tirana.

The reaction I had to this project, I don't have for the quality of the tower or for the flower garden of Ajdin Sejdi, which for years has been a garbage pit and prostitution center in Tirana.

I was worried when I saw that the "investors" are half realtors between Rama and Berisha, and half the closest people of Berisha's son, with whom he does construction work in Tirana. So the concern that I made public in the interview with my colleague Rakipi, is about the concept of how Edi Rama humiliates what he does as the "strongman" of the opposition, keeping him in the game with construction permit businesses and using his realtors as negotiators .

So I wasn't worried about the tower as a construction, because even though it's made by someone I don't like, it's still beautiful. I had a problem with those who sell us morals for drug money and corruption money, and try to build a 200 million euro building with a declared concrete mixer and real estate business between Rama and Berisha.

Therefore, reactions to this history should be political reactions, not urbanistic ones. In addition to not being very competent to talk about urban planning standards, and even worse, in addition to the fact that the tower does not look bad to me, I am predisposed to understand which part of society is politically disturbed by the humiliating corruption of Sali Berisha by Edi Rama.

Pashë ata të lëvizjes “Bashkë” të Arlind Qorrit që ishin të shqetësuar për lulishten. Mendoj se lulishtja do bëhet dhe më e bukur rrotull kullës, kot e kanë si shqetësim. Nëse nuk janë të shqetësuar politikisht, është mirë të ikin në plazh, se mesi i gushtit.

Pashë dhe Lulzim Bashën që e nis shqetësimin me lulishten dhe e mbaron me pazaret që bëhen natën. Mirë do të ishte në këtë rast të përmendte emrat, se Berisha nuk do ta kursente dhe nuk e kursen as për gënjeshtra, jo më për të vërteta.

Për hir të së vërtetës vetëm Altin Goxhaj e ka trajtuar si pazar, dhe madje ka bërë sakrificë sublime duke mos futur Sorosin si sekser, por Gimen dhe Sandrin.

So to end this hysteria about the history of the tower in the center of Tirana in a few words: The tower is not a mistake, nor is the problem with the flower garden. If you can't talk about how Edi Rama humiliates Sali Berisha by forcing him to put his head between the saddles as he always does when his son or daughter's shopping comes up, you better not talk.

As for the flower garden, it will become more beautiful and the tower will be much better than the pit of Ajdin Sejdi.

Do not worry. If you have to fight all this "principled" opposition war to capture someone like this tower, it was worth it. Yes, only for the Berisha family! The rest of you wait a few years.