"Now it is clearly understood how the tower funded the Foltore campaign and accuse people of revolting at the insivitability of the opposition."

2023-08-07 18:08:29Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ervin Goci / Sali Berisha

By Ervin Goci

The whole story begins with the last election. Although foltore's opposition was stripped by court of any administrative right to manage money, the opposition did not hesitate to open the campaign in an area costing thousands of euros for rent and with scanning and audio that did not seem to cost much.

Who was he to whom the carshillek was not understood! On one side he made the victim who was taking everything from the other side, he danced the adjective with the dorovity.

The absurdity arrived when the Foltore candidate publicly said that he had not been involved in the organization, so he did not know who had funded it, and left this weight to the leadership. He's graced.

Today we don't know how much the campaign cost, who funded it, who were the people, companies, clergy, donations, volunteer work. We know absolutely nothing.

There are voices, which the construction of the 200 metro tower worth tens of millions of euros, is also the funder of the campaign.

This is heard from anyone who speaks from media actors, journalists, but also other people. Why is there no transparency for the campaign today?

Where did the money come from, who brought it, where did they spend?

Where are the bills?


Then they have no shame, and people accuse people of being revolted by the senselessness of these people who talk from morning to dinner about revolutions!

Excuse me, but when actors of the political scene are involved in a matter of fact, what difference does it make for a simple citizen who is the power and the opposition? How did the difference get so!

So if you are all in, you have to resist, more certainty, and even courageously, you fall into power.

This is what people are realizing day by day to fall into opposition, they are falling to power.