Did you find out what form the pulpit revolution takes?! Like that tower behind the Opera House

2023-08-07 13:53:03Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
"Revolution Tower" and Roland Bejko

Good morning my friends, simple revolutionaries.

I'm talking about you who go to the revolution with a sandwich and a free bus, not those with Range Rovers....

Did you find out what form the revolution takes?!

The shape of the mountain in the middle of Tirana.

What about the mountain in the middle of Tirana, what shape does it have, do you know?!

There is that of the pulpit tower that will be built behind the Opera Theater.

What happened to the revolution?! Where did you get stuck?!

The revolution became a tower for the family and its courtiers where they will clean the money of crime and corruption.

You mean that the revolution in France also started in Bastille. Even there, the prison castle was really demolished, and in its place, a thin pyramid-shaped tower was erected in honor of the revolutionaries.

Therefore, the old man thought to do the same. He would honor the revolution and the revolutionaries with a tower.

He too, in honor of the revolution and the revolutionaries, imitated the French. He built a tower. The highest that Albania will have until today.

The next question is: Will the revolutionaries be shareholders in that tower?!

-Poo, they will definitely be. But not all. Shareholders in that high tower with a peak, which will be called Mount of Tirana, will be only the elite of the revolution. Those who give the money for the revolution and who pay for the revolutionaries' free sandwiches.

While the revolutionaries will have free access to the square and the flower garden around the Mali i Tirana tower, whenever they want.

Ordinary revolutionaries will be free to go whenever they want to hide in the shade of the tower in the August heat whenever the Elder and family call for the "final revolution".

In their honor, the square around the tower will be called "Revolution Square". Is there greater honor and respect than this given to the revolutionary resistance?!

Even after the construction of this tower, simple revolutionaries will not only have a bus, a coffee and a sandwich. But this time they will be given an additional sandwich wrapped in cellophane paper.

Therefore, revolutionaries should rejoice when the revolutionary elite builds towers. Because the well-being of revolutionaries automatically increases during protests.

And just so you know, the formula is:

An average revolution, a tower.

Two revolutions, two towers.

Three revolutions, two towers + a residential block on the coast.

Who gives the construction permit to your bosses?!

- Oh, don't ask. The simple revolutionary is forbidden to ask, just as he is forbidden to think. The revolutionary must only carry out the orders he receives from the Elder through Muli, Trito, Albana, etc.

Whoever thinks and reacts is called a traitor, a sellout and an accomplice of Lul Pengu and Ali Basha who sold the causes of the Democrats to Rama.

Today you should be happy fellow revolutionaries!

The elite of your cause also got rich with a tower. It is also your tower. Because when they have it, you have it too. When they are good, you are good too.

That you, not only will enjoy the shade in the flower garden after the revolution, but someone, the most pious among you, can be hired by one of the high school children, waiters, or cleaners there. What do you want more than that?!

So, do not be upset that after every revolution you make on the boulevard, a building permit is obtained for your elite. In the end, it is better to get permission from one of your own, than one from Rama the thief.

Even, the bigger and louder the revolution, the heavier the weight of the permit.

Thus, with your revolution, you build socialist Albania with residences on the coast and tall towers, as high as the mountains of Albania in the middle of Tirana.

Therefore, Amani, do not make a mistake and stop the revolution because you will leave us a poor homeland, without towers and resorts of politicians and criminals. Without a revolution, Rama and Veliaj give construction permits only to his party.

With revolution, permissions are shared. Take your revolutionary elite according to the weight that everyone holds in the pulpit pyramid, from the Oldest to the youngest.