Reporter: The tower shopping with Berisha and a media group (TV KLAN), the heaviest story of the opposition's sale in the last 30 years

2023-08-10 21:36:35Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

By Habjon Hassan

A thank you to the great alt-alt.

On several occasions, Quite has disappointed me positively.

The culmination must have been the campaign of "Ne Tirana" of former candidate Bojaxhiu, which I supported with my soul.
Quite a bit of opposition, he told me that there are a project, tactical moves to neutralize votes that would go to Halim Kosovo, while Bojaxhiu was hostage to a tax investigation, started in the time of Berisha.

When I was against him, I judged him and thought he was too connected to Halim Kosovo to accept new alternatives.

But time proved right to him, for not only Bojaxhi resulted in a figurine caught and blackmailed, but also the main figures geared in the dome next to him resulted in the time being weak men; Maybe not blackmailed with businesses but two-leaning servicers, given to the first bearer.

The time later proved as true and Altin Gogh's warning of Lulzim Basha as the leader of the DP in the game with Soros (he says) but I would say in the game with the lines of visible and invisible American services that define the red lines in this country.

In December 2022, Quitejaj began talking about a tower, which according to him was the exchange tool berisha received on condition that he sabotaged tirana's campaign and opposition premises.

The thesis of Quitejaj is that initially Berisha aimed to play hard in Tirana, without compromise with Rama; But his non grata declaration from Britain was a signal that he was crossing the red line, not entitled to compete and win, all he was allowed to do was to survive and catch the bargain.

Since he Alimehmeti aligned himself with Belindi after losing to him in the primary; I found it too much to support The Goody's thesis when the master of the trouble was sitting on the lap that Pretty was accusing, on Berisha's lap.

But time brought that The Fairy's thesis for the tower to be tested and suddenly berishaj were complex, their media did not pipet, the alleged dealer frangaj along with his media batteries (especially the whip garrisons) were met, became VUVs.

Mero Baze on the other hand had denounced with internal information the "Unexposed" deal of the tower several weeks ago.

Yesterday the lease agreement between berishaj and the builders Shtufi came out.

There are some indicios to point towards a deal where Berishaj sold the opposition to maintain a personal monopoly.

This is a whole new level of humiliation for the opposition, because it exceeds the tolerances of the Basha; It even exceeds the level of Gjergj Bojaxhiu and his 2015 ass-a-view.

This is perhaps the strongest story of political televising and corruption that has occurred since 1991 in our country.

This may not be a story that is investigated as a "tower bargain" but it is a compromise of a specimen level of corruption involving all political parties with intermediaries the strongest media group in the country since 1998.

I don't know if SPAK has the heels to investigate this story on its roots and foundations, but I know that Altin Pretty had the right to denounce him first, for which he deserves a public gratitude.