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2023-08-11 18:05:01Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Journalist Mero Baze / Prime Minister Edi Rama

By Mero Baze

I totally agree with The Prime Minister Edi Rama's response. I agree and am pleased that the tower project has been made with international competition and won the best design. It's very beautiful.

And it's good that he's happy and that guy from Elbasan here in Albania has no corruption.

I fully agree that Albania has taken an extraordinary pace of development in the field of construction and especially infrastructure for tourism, which in some way is coming out of the unaffordable increased flow of tourism in Albania.

And it's great that the prime minister has personal concern this and calls out famous architecture studios that knew and how many employees they have. And it's good that these billionaire Albanians who are going to build the Tower don't tell them how many workers they have.

He even completely agrees with his attack on all critics of the tower, lulzim basha who leads it to SPAK, (although one of the tower's builders is investigated by SPAK) on Arlind Blind who is against capitalism, others who suspect political bargaining, etc.

And it was good for me to have wanted to dirty The Strut, ruining the comfort of the Tower Hall in Rolling Hill, just because those who named them as builders are his voice.

I agree with Shkelzen who thanks Edi Rama for showing the place to everyone who has problems with the Tower.

But the only thing I don't understand is Edi Rama's conclusion that we don't deal with rumors about who is behind investors who have nicknames instead of surnames.

Here he has overstew a bit, because he wastes all my self-criticism, admitting that he is afraid of being called Shkëlzen.

That's all I have to do is that the tower's secret investor. And not just me. They have a problem with millions of Albanians who have voted "non grata" sali Berisha, just like our strategic allies, who have legislated it.