DOCUMENTS/ The forest fruit company that financed Shkëlzen Berisha received 200 million lek from the agricultural funds, threads of cooperation with Allajbeu

2023-08-16 15:06:09Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ADRIATIK DOçI
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In 2018, the forest fruit collection and processing company Agromel, with nipt: L59308601M, has benefited from 200 million old lek from the Agency for Agricultural and Rural Development for fruit and vegetable machinery.

AZHBR is under investigation by the European Anti-Fraud Office on suspicion of corruption with the allocation of EU funds for agriculture, although it should be noted that the company Agromel was financed within the framework of the national scheme to support farmers, i.e. with Albanian taxpayers' money and not of European citizens.

The Agromel company is on the list of clients who have paid Shkëlzen Berisha for legal services and as a realtor.

Part of this list is also the controversial businessman close to PD Ismail Mulleti, who received from Sali Berisha the fuel labeling concession.

Part of the list is the businessman Ilir Karçini who ordered the murder of Piro Bare, who after giving Shkëlzen 150 thousand euros, received permission from Berisha for the construction of coastal deposits of liquefied gas with a capacity of 3600 m3 in the area of ??Porto-Romano, Durrës , through the company PRIMAGAS ALBANIA.

Until 2020, Shkëlzen Berisha has declared about 740 thousand euros of income as a realtor and legal consultant.

In one case, in 2017, the Agromel company transferred 30 million old ALL to the accounts of Shkëlzen Berisha, for consultancy.

Media investigations have shown that these payments are bribes and camouflaged corrupt payments from various businessmen due to various concessions, tenders, permits or favors from the government of Sali Berisha, Shkëlzen's father.

This corruption scheme is believed to be part of the US State Department's file on declaring the Berisha Family non grata, which continues to claim that the file contains no evidence of corruption.

Who is behind the Agromel company that finances Shkëlzen?

The camouflaged owner of the Agromel company is Klodian Allajbeu of the American Hospital, a businessman who rose to prominence during the rule of Sali Berisha, with numerous favoritisms, seizure of public property, illegal constructions and monopolies to the extent that the American Hospital was identified as the Argita Hospital .

Thanks to the strong ties with Arben Ahmatejn, Allajbeu not only retained his positions after Berisha's departure from power, but received the hemodialysis concession worth 84 million euros, assessed as corrupt by the High State Control, he lost millions of euros in tenders with several companies in his name and that of his employees, made the Equos resort, captured the fruit and vegetable market turning it into a monopoly, entered the field of forest fruits, disposal of hospital waste and is quietly privatizing many health services, which are being sabotaged in the public sector.

How is Allajbeu camouflaged behind the Agromel company?

The company Agromel, founded in 2015, is owned by the company Agromark, under the company name L71903017K.

Meanwhile, the company Agromark itself, which controls Agromel, is owned by the company VENDEKA EUROPEAN INVESTMENTS BV in the Netherlands, registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, no. registration CC1 66037182, with registered address at Nassaulaan 2 A, 2514JS' -Gravenhage.

The beneficial owner of the company VENDEKA EUROPEAN INVESTMENTS BV, with 100% of the shares, is Klodian Allajbeu.

This company also camouflages other companies of Allajbeu, with which it has received concessions and public tenders. The company is the last station of many corrupt affairs in Tirana.

Does the financial relationship between Shkëlzen Berisha and Klodian Allajbeu end here?

On December 24, 2018, Shkëlzen Berisha, through his company Logal shpk, receives a loan from Intesa Sanpaolo Bank for 1.8 million euros to set up a factory in Gërdec for the processing of forest fruits.

He gets the loan 5 days after he bought the properties!

It seems like a wash of conscience, since in 2008 he was the de facto owner of the factory of death, with the corruption of demolition, where 26 citizens lost their lives and tens of others were injured.

From a gunpowder factory to a blueberry factory, but suspicions of corruption do not change.

It is about 3 plots of land for a total of 6,183 square meters and 3 other plots of land of 14,220 square meters, of which 5,066.5 square meters are buildings, all located in the cadastral area 2605 of the village of Marqinet of Vora, adjacent to the area of Gërdec

In order to justify the loan, Shkëlzeni left these properties as collateral, the value of which is significantly lower. The maximum m2 in that area reaches 35 euros, while the buildings were old.

In a normal procedure, properties must have a value of at least 2.3 million euros, including the principal, to be placed as collateral.

In this scheme, 1.9 million euros also appear, money whose source is unknown, with which Shkëlzeni bought equipment.

Shkëlzen's company results with only one worker, so almost no real activity, but with transactions of millions of euros.

Inside the blueberry processing plant, it is exactly the Agromel company of Claude Allajbeu.

In the purchase books of Agromel Shpk, tax invoices for Shkëlzen Berisha's company, Logal Shpk, are expected every month.

So in addition to the direct payment of 30 million ALL, Allajbeu systematically transfers sums of money to Shkëlzen's company.

More than a blueberry factory, it seems we are dealing with a money laundering factory.

It is not known whether SPAK is investigating this scheme within the investigation of Shkëlzen Berisha's role in Gërdec.

Based on the investigation by the FBI of Arben Ahmetaj, Shkëlzen's scheme seems as banal as it is flagrant for SPAK. /