Edi Rama can't wait to help you release Beler!

2023-08-14 19:38:51Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Edi Rama / Fredi Beleri

By Mero Baze

There is an exaggerated diplomatic offensive in Greece in search of freedom for Fredi Beler, the elected mayor of Himara, but that justice does not allow him to be sworn in in custody.

His detention by police four days before the election could have been avoided by continuing investigations until Sunday, but the meddling and the capture led him to two locations simultaneously, in prison and as mayor. If he had not been arrested, he probably wouldn't have won and could have been arrested, what would have been worse for him.

But it is now clear that in this country, in these times, the only invalid address to seek justice is the government.

Five mayors are in prison, of whom four Albanians and one greek minority, each for their own reasons, from sex in the office, bribes in the office or building permits and unlicensed roads, to vote buying. The other four are Edi Rami.

Several ministers, including Deputy Prime Minister Edi Rama, have been sentenced to prison.

If there is one thing that Edi Rama wants with all his heart, it is to help someone from Europe to have this job in hand, and to order the SPAK or the courts to release those he wants.

We are all witnesses who not only cannot do it, but rather SPAK is listening to who is closest to him to hit him.

Now this Greek diplomatic offensive on Edi Rama for him to release Beler is a bit ridiculous.

I assure you that the man who most wants this competence is Edi Rama, but the Greek government as an EU country, should convince those in Brussels that Edi Rama should give him such a competence, to release someone from prison, if he wants.

The point is that Brussels and Washington, which have direct influence on the justice reform and especially the SPAK, press to the contrary, that Edi Rama is surrounded by justice and have gone to his front seat with handcuffs.

Now telling Eddie Rame to get us Out of Bedler and leave your four municipalities in jail is a little overreach. Or otherwise, it is a lack of seriousness from Greece, as an EU country.

I would be happy if Beleri was not arrested but could have voted, as could happen. But justice is not in my free hand, nor of others who want Beller hanged. More is in the hands of and under the influence of the 27 EU countries and Washington. Even more than Ram, SPAK fears Berry. While he is not doing this favor with his nominee, d.m.th is not easy. Beleri is the only man of Berisha arrested by SPAK so far.

Greece has plenty of friends in Washington and Brussels. Before he asks them to punish Albania for the fact that justice has arrested Beler, let them ask them to release Beler that they can achieve it easier. They will help him and he will be able to help him. The other half of the government was arrested.