Can Athens "burn" Albania, like in 1997?

2023-08-22 18:23:56Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA KRESHNIK SPAHIU
Dendias, Rama and Mitsotakis

By Kreshnik Spahiu

For those who don't know: Fredi Beleri is not allowed to enter the USA and just like his ally Sali Berisha, both are unwanted in America.


25 years ago, President Bill Clinton would ask Sali Berisha during a meeting at the White House in Washington to release 4 Greek minorities from Omonia and the Mavi organization arrested for crimes in Albania.

The year 1996-1997 marked the peak of the US clash with the Berisha government for several reasons, which were:

- the intervention in the American agenda in Kosovo and the incentive for the Rugova government to open a war front in the south of Yugoslavia.

- manipulating the May 26 elections and ignoring American recommendations.

- breaking the embargo with Milosevic's Serbia.

- dismissal of the President of the High Court, Zef Brozi.

- Berisha's refusal to meet in Tirana Assistant Secretary of State Timothy Worth.

- the breakdown of relations with Greece and the Greek lobby in the USA.

Months later, thousands of Albanians blew up weapons depots with diplomatic help from the West, violently overthrowing the Berisha government from power.


Surprisingly, after 25 years, history repeats itself but with two major changes:

1- Berisha is no longer the enemy, but the friend and main ally of Greece, even running for one of those who was accused and wanted by Berisha's justice for the massacre at the border point.

2- The Albanian government does not have the USA as an enemy, but as an ally in this process.

GJKKO left Fredi Beleri in prison yesterday for active corruption in buying votes on May 14.

Athens openly threatened Albania by excluding Prime Minister Edi Rama from the summit of EU and Balkan leaders, organized in Greece.

President Begaj played a patriotic role by rejecting the invitation of the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, aimed at removing Rama from the agenda.

Greece is trying to threaten that the Rama government will kneel down like Berisha in 1997 and will be licked after signing the sea agreement and the Hellenization of the south of Albania.

The threat to Athens can be read: "Your road to the EU will pass through Athens".

The Greek rage increases more when Albania sees Italy and Turkey as regional partners, before Greece.

The clash in Himare is the last battle for "Vorio-Epirin" and the Greekization of the South.

The strategy of Athens with Beleri aims at mortgaging lands, forests, coastal lands in the name of the minorities who today have the lands in use and cannot transfer the ownership of the lands to our Albanian ancestors, if they do not have a mayor to "complete" them letters".

The last battle for northern Epirus cannot burn Albania again like in 1997 because today the USA and the EU look at Tirana as the regional balance of the Western Balkans.

For this reason, the USA has banned the entry into the USA of two people, Berisha and Beleri, who are trying to set fire to Albania with the hand of Greece.

Clearly, Greece will lose this battle because today it does not have America as an ally, but two non-women in the USA and are considered enemies of American geopolitics in the region.

Greece in its last battle will also lose the war because this time it does not rebel:

- not even America

- not even Europe

- nor the Albanian people

The alliance with Berisha is not enough for Greece to burn Albania with these three superpowers that Tirana has on its side.