Begaj slammed the Greek government in the face for its anti-Albanian trick

2023-08-20 09:27:49Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA SPARTAK NGJELA
Spartak Njela

President Bajram Begaj refused to go to Greece and, with this act, slammed the Greek government in the face of its anti-Albanian plot.

The Albanian state is now no longer without a personality.

The President showed it openly today, and told everyone that the Republic of Albania has historical personality.

What about the government of Greece?

Shame on him. Defends an Albanian thief caught red-handed for buying and selling votes.

And still maintains a law of war with Albania.

But where does Albania tear its head for Greece's centuries-old anti-Albanian stupidity! At all, and he doesn't even ask about it when it comes to the Albanian interest.

Remember that it will be Albania and Kosovo that will lose their mental balance to the Greek governments even more.

That time is moving in favor of the Albanian World in the Illyrian Peninsula.

There is no going back, and the rulers of Greece must learn that the rising force of two Albanian states in the Balkans, they must endure, that they have no other way.

We Albanians have many things ahead of us, gentlemen!

Take it easy and watch….