Who is setting the landfills on fire?

2023-08-27 22:42:16Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ARDIT RADA
Fire in Elbasan landfill

A fire engulfed the waste collection site in Elbasan yesterday evening, while the media reported that there had been attempts to set fire to the waste collection site in Fier.

Surprisingly, shortly after the fire started in Elbasan, Luciano Boci appeared at the door of the landfill, who said that the burning of waste in the landfill proved that the incinerator was not working.

The same political rhetoric spread faster than wildfire in the DP media and the social networks of its MPs.

That being said, the answer to the question of who cares about burning landfills is very simple. Apart from the opposition, which tries to keep this issue alive for political reasons, no one else has this interest. The government no and no. Local government no no no.

The opposition is making the arsonist to once again raise the pillars of the day's politics.

But basically this is criminal. Intentionally setting fires for political gain is another serious crime, one of which the opposition has learned to live with yesterday and today.