Bakers, patriots with an illiterate vocabulary

2023-08-29 20:23:38Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ÇAPAJEV GJOKUTAJ
Rita Ora

Anonymous commentators on some social networks have burst into accusations and even insults for Rita Ora.

Some call on the authorities in Pristina to remove her honorary title as ambassador of Kosovo, others, after talking about her 'thirst' for money, are pushed into conspiracy theories that she has bargained with Serbian chauvinists, there are still others who it weighs too much, they fall short and call it a waste.

All this 'patriotic' hysteria exploded because two days ago, at a festival in Hungary, the famous singer was seen singing with a Serbian flag in her hand.

As the world-famous Albanian herself explained, this sequence was nothing more than a misunderstanding: a fan from the front rows had thrown a Serbian flag at her, which, under the lights of the stage and in the momentum of the performance, the singer had mistaken for a Hungarian flag.

However, the Serbian flag, like all flags of nations, deserves dignified treatment because it symbolizes the values ??and aspirations of an entire people and cannot be equated with the genocide and bloodshed of the Milosevics.

Yes, when it comes to propaganda and patriotic photos, the patriots of social networks do not forgive you a single bit, they nullify within a second all the contribution of Rita Ora for the popularization of Kosovo and Albanian values ??on the world level and they tend to declare her a traitor and patriot.

And all this, most of them do with a poor and bewildered Albanian, full of deviations, illiterate vocabulary and syntax.

The language in which the comments are written is so crippled, that you want to return to them: if you loved Albanian values ??so much, you would have spent some time and effort to learn Albanian.

Using the mother tongue like these is like taking your mother out in public dressed as a zelena!

*Taken from the Facebook profile of the author Çapajev Gjokutaj