Assembly of a candidate for monarch!

2023-09-02 21:25:08Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ILIR LEVONJA
Lulzim Basha

Today's assembly of Lulzim Basha is not the assembly of those who are supposedly reforming the Democratic Party, it is not the assembly of the democrats, it is not even of the opposition.

It is not an assembly to help Albania with opposition, to help the country whose entry into Europe in 2030 was postponed.

Despite the fact that supposedly the real Democratic Party or the official launched a spot, where it was said that the country needs change, etc.

It is the assembly of the cult of the individual that was only talked about, not about the country. It's the assembly, a slap in the face to those who choked us for not cooperating with non gratas, that Sali Berisha does it for his own b****, where is the real opposition and who serves Edi Rama and not.

Finally, it is the assembly of Lulzim Basha or even the assembly of the stubborn, angry type who can never see himself away from political attention, etc.

When one fills a sports hall and the other fills an entire stadium, you can only be blind and not understand where the majority is.

However, this is also the most blatant case to understand that type of One, or of the Strong, One, etc., in our politics. This assembly showed nothing but the fact that another new monarch is seeking to be proclaimed.

If the Stadium assembly that brought the March 2022 assembly, where it limited the term of the chairman, who resigns immediately if he loses the general election. And that the vote is trusted only once more if he loses the local elections.

Today's Basha removed all restrictions. In a word, Basha may be lost forever, but he cannot be given up.

If in the stadium assembly the candidates for mayor or deputy are elected by primaries, for example, it is the democrats in the districts themselves who choose the candidate, in the Basha assembly the mayor, that is Basha, signs and seals them, regardless of the one member one vote clause.

Lastly, the vice-presidents, no one or no one has the right to the presidency, but the president. So the president chooses, signs and seals.

You can suggest, you can propose but you don't vote, you just raise your hand. So it was not a national assembly for the interests of the country.

Regardless of how a political force receives funds or financing from the taxes of Albanians. It was totally the assembly of a monarch. Regardless of your taxes, your sweat, this is the pact above state links, such as government-state, courts, opposition wedges, etc.