Bardhi's negotiations with Berisha, like a kid with a wolf! The ending is known

2023-09-05 21:24:25Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ARTUR ZHEJI
"The Wolf and the Kid"

While Rama was done with surgical operations in his government, changing ministers, Gaz Bardhi, an unprecedented virtuoso of new politics, had started negotiations with Berisha.

In fact, until some time ago, Bardhi was known as a discovery, or as an invention of Lulzim Basha, and until a few months ago, Berisha and his political or media extensions were merciless with the Basha-Bardhi duo. But Bardhi also whitewashed Basha's face, blackening Berisha with Euro-Atlantic mud balls and dark accusations.

But while Lulzim Basha resigned as a result of not coping with the pressure, things changed, day after day, and an ambitious hidden embryo in Bardhi's heart grew and became a man. Berisha, like a fox, smelled this ambition from afar and began to water it and feed it attentively, with his method tested many times and with many angles.

Many people with little sense in their heads, understand without speaking what Sali Berisha thinks in his mental privacy about Bardhi and Gestënje: he considers them and those who follow them, as crazy nuts. But ay, Berisha also needs them nowadays, even though once you would have pressed and peeled off their skins, but today you can't.

Today, Berisha needs them too.

Negotiations between them have begun. This is news! And what can they negotiate today?

What power does Bardhi or Chestnut & Co have, who appear in front of Berisha like the kids who raise the index finger to the Black Wolf? Yes, Berisha needs to buy time and buy kids to increase the ring and leave parliamentary Lulzim Basha in complete solitude. What dung they have unleashed on each other, wastes time and smells their needs.

Saliu knows that these "young people" are intellectually very inferior in relation to Basha, but they surpass Lulzim Basha in ambition. Saliu knows very well that they do not want him at all, but that Saliu is needed by them, hoping that they are dealing with a temporary leader and then they will be torn about the party's legacy.

Kids dream of becoming wolves, while the real Wolf knows well that a wolf only becomes a wolf cub, and thus Saliu makes it easier for them to dream and rock them in the cradle of their ambitions. Because Saliu has another agenda, he wants the absolute power of the chief opposition, while these dreamers who throw dances in the wolf's mouth, think that they will make a career on his back.

And in this suggestive game, they take the bad from Saliu and cannot throw it away.

This is also the reason why Rama, while giving his speech at the assembly of socialists, where only he spoke and the others only listened in an exemplary manner, was calm and even spoke quite well about SPAK.

The only opposition today is corruption, because the tale of the wolf and the kids, on the other hand, knows how it ends.

The Wolf always eats the kids and the opposite has never happened. As long as the unfolding and telling of this tale continues, Rama will speak and the socialists will listen eagerly to what will happen in 2030...