What was the criteria to be in the Rama government?

2023-09-05 18:33:13Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA DRITAN HILA
The new ministers

One thing is certain when he appoints Rama to the government, that the appointment is not the product of his wife, daughter or son, as his predecessor did. It is too self-centered to leave laurels even within the family.

Technically, Rama has always chosen those who fill his mind that they fit his format and are good at passing the ball. He then shoots the ball himself as it belongs to him along with the field. This has been the case in the municipality, the party and now in the government.

Many have criticisms about his way of working and cooperation. But practice as a criterion of truth has given him the right: He won the municipality as many times as he wanted, he won the SP, the third mandate in the government, and for this he has no one to thank but himself and the alliances on the ground that he has chosen by himself.

Even the third mandate was the most essential to seal his authority in the SP, at a time when three-quarters of the incumbents of this formation were looking in 2021 to find their tutors in the PD that was expected to come to power. That's why he doesn't have anyone from the SP dome to thank, and that's the reason why you don't like him too much to make you think.

The experience of Fatos Nano's government showed that all those who acted as kaposhes left the feathers of the socialists and except for some individuals, now their names have been forgotten because they did not say anything intellectually and politically.

The opposition is more worn out than ever, and this is due to many factors, where the loss of 2021 was the point that started its putrification, a loss for which Rama takes the credit only for himself.

So the government is also a reflection of his mentality where he does the show himself, while others will do the work. The return of Anila Denaj to the government and the promotion of Igli Hasan, are two assets that have given their product in the past and are a guarantee of administrative and professional seriousness.

Education and finances remain to be tested, but everyone in that government has points removed from their license and depending on their performance will they continue to drive the cars that Rama has given you to use or at any moment can they be reduced to walking on foot.

Rama does not seek to produce politicians as he is ambitious to stay in politics for a long time (2030 was the deadline he recently aspired to), but skilled orchestral instrumentalists who highlight the conductor's virtuosity. And time is what will make the grade.