Even death can be beautiful!

2023-09-18 09:42:49Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA EDMOND HARIZAJ
In the photo: Petrit Jaupaj

Life sometimes appears in all its power, beauty and passion, just after it is over.

Perhaps this was the message he wanted to convey, from the cemetery of Ballshi, where Petri Jaupaj ended his life with a handful of medicines, on the one-year-old grave of his wife.

Accustomed to men who kill women, who rape and humiliate them, how little attention was paid to the broken heart of this 63-year-old man!

Maybe he wasn't Romeo's age , and he wasn't crying and killing himself on Juliet's grave; but is it possible that love attracts attention only for flash connections of television interest and profit?!

In my opinion, Petriti, the biochemistry teacher, should have been on the front pages of the media, on TV shows for a week in a row. Not to glorify death, but to glorify love.

To give it meaning, something that today seems fake, fake and multi-purpose. I'm sure he doesn't need mercy, nor excuses, much less the snobbish "he showed himself weak" criticism.

Who knew his (or anyone else's) broken heart and soul well enough to judge?! Just as I am sure that their children will be wonderful, having grown up in an environment filled with love, care and attention.

Perhaps in his death, he seeks to draw our attention to his life as an example.

Therefore it was a beautiful death. I am asking my fellow journalists, Petrit's children, his relatives, to show, show, show the life, the love, the relationship of this wonderful couple.

Amidst the darkness of the disturbing Albanian stories, where men kill, beat , rape, and sell women , the story of Petrit and his wife would be like a ray of sunshine.