Plenty of humor and masculinity!

2023-10-01 20:08:02Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA KRISTINA HASA
Plenty of humor and masculinity!

Albano Bogdo started a "late night show" and to get attention he was forced to turn to a "caps" humor, as I think he has done recently.

Remove the skits in his beginnings, Albano I can no longer distinguish whether he is a "comic actor" or "the guy who will make the neighborhood chunas laugh"?!

For those who don't know, speaking about Alban Ramosaj's departure from music on his show, Albano said that "Do you know who Alban Ramosaj is? He's the guy who fucked Donald's sister on Big Brother."

To begin with, Alban Ramosaj is a real artist who has always tried to stay away from commercialism, with a special, very talented style, emerging from a talent show like "The Voice". Albani has stayed away from scandals and has been appreciated by the public for his songs. At a very young age, he triumphed in the "Magic Song" in front of the very best names of Albanian music with "Thikat e mia" and came very close to "Eurovision" coming second in the "Song Festival" with "Theje" that the public loved it. Albano's artistic world is much richer than your banal comedy dealing with people's personal lives, Albano.

Second, as a self-professed artist who is supposed to have an open mind and a big world, I'm surprised that you find it surprising that two lovers in a relationship have sex. Although we don't know that anything like this happened in "Big Brother VIP" last year, you Albano and others like you need to learn that in a sexual relationship boys and men are not "privileged" and "king" and shamed girls and women. This is neither black humor nor cynical humor, it is food for masculinism that exists in Albanian society. Because in 2023 we still entered the beds of each other's daughters and sisters. Why didn't you enter Albano's bed with your cynical and black humor at least, Albano? Or that this thing wouldn't make the men you had in the studio laughing?! What about Albano?

Third, where is the AMA? At a time when television has turned into just a business and has left behind any educational function, every day we see even greater degradations. Banality, nudity, sexism, masculinity... what else can we expect? To get knives and guns just for show and clicks? SOS It's an alarm. More than alarm. Every day Albanians are served degeneracy, depravity, anti-value. The AMA as the audiovisual media monitoring institution must take urgent action. What is served to us on our screens is only a reflection of the reality in which we live and are raising the new generations. And the AMA is directly responsible for what we see and hear.