In Kukës, SP did not win, Berisha and Meta lost for the second time

2023-09-25 12:18:33Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ARIF REXHMATI

By Arif Rexhmati

Kukësi, the bastion of the right, of the communist persecution and not only, was left in the hands of the left from the pseudo "rights" and was not won by the left.

DP and its structures in Kukes, in the noble mission of uniting and not dividing the opposition, although it accepted baseless labels, it did not produce a candidate so as not to divide the votes of the BF candidate, it left all the commissioners, all the counters, KZAZ , GNV, VC ... for a second chance... victory over rebirth.

In Kukës and throughout Albania, the alibis for imaginary "enemies", for innocent perpetrators and non-existent "tricksters" took the democrats, ordinary people, ultimately undermined democracy and strengthened Rama's regime.

The Kukës, the "right" merchants of Tirana, placed the "second beam" of Rama's oligarchs.

In Kukës and throughout Albania, the right-wing alternative served by the "BF" coalition was, in fact, nothing more but a political salad with remnants of yesterday's communists, corrupt left without their prey; power obtained by the vote of honest people and used for personal interests.

In Kukës, there was no convincing campaign, there was no governing alternative, there was no real program for a local government, there was no confrontation with the political opponent with facts about the corruption and bad governance of the renaissance, there were not enough meetings to convey convincing messages to the voter. .

A lot of political experiments have been done with Kukës and Kukës from cafes and offices in Tirana, or at the pulpit in Kukës by some manipulators who have seen Kukës as a "garden" of votes and support for careers and bargains at the expense of the democrats...

I endured, I endured as no one can endure, not even God... Kuteli used to say,
"Go ahead!"

The Democrats want answers, why did you make fun of them, where is the difference of 5000 votes more than the renaissance, won in v. 2021 in Kukës? What did those who came as "saviors" produce in favor of the candidate, with pomposity and meetings of MPs who have nothing to do with Kukës? Some of them were coming to Kukës for the first time as tourists, and some others are hated by the democrats for betraying the trust they received from Kukës voters.
Principles are more important than the "flags" of your interests served as causes ...

Why did these "well-wishers" of Kuksians who came to "return dignity to Kukes", did not listen to the voice of the Democrats for a unifying and winning resident candidate, but chose the model of the imposed candidate...?

A lot of silence for the sake of the cause; that we are seriously damaging it. By remaining silent and not pointing the finger at the culprits of the loss, we must admit that we are damaging even more the DP and the hope to escape from the clutches of Edi Rama's regime.

For me, the culprits are in Tirana, the right-wingers in Kukës are victims of bargaining for the personal interests of Berisha and Meta&co.

Time to unite the democrats, the anti-communists, the real right away from those whom the ideals of democracy kicked in as they kicked in the doors of our common home.

Time to say it clearly and bluntly, plenty of corrupt, communist and criminal waste!
Kukësi is loved more by Kukians!