Pensioners, now the end of the fukaralek!

2023-09-22 21:03:54Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA LUTFI DERVISHI
Lutfi Dervishi

The news that pensions will increase by 8% has left the army of 700,000 pensioners speechless. In an unexpected move, MPs, who barely managed to double their salaries, surprised young and old with the unprecedented increase expected to be made to their pensions.

 If the average pension in the city is 17,000 Lek per month (170,000 Lek) with the HUGE increase expected to happen in October, every pensioner, every month of the year, will have 13,000 Lek more.

For those who think it's little and you can't do anything today with 13,000 Lek, you should remember that it's 450 Lek more every day.

Now that with this increase every pensioner put an end to poverty, the question is how can these lek be used efficiently, especially when we have families that have two pensioners and the daily amount reaches 900 lek. Really old, but still 900 lek.

Experts offer some practical advice for this unusual situation that is expected to occupy the 691 thousand pensioners of Albania.

Daily adventure. With 450 lek, each pensioner can travel like a gentleman in the city and there is no need to walk both to and fro. Now he can travel half the way like a king on the bus. But you have to hurry before the price of the urban ticket increases. With today's ticket price, the pensioner saves another 50 ALL. With 50 Leksh, he can appear as a philanthropist and forgive a beggar (if he accepts the 50 Leksh)

With 450 lek per day, he can buy a tree sapling every day and if he finds a place, he can plant a tree and alone, without anyone's help and without reaching out to the searcher, within 2700 years he can alone create an orbital forest of 1 million trees. It is understood that the pensioner will not live that long, but he can bequeath that from generation to generation each pensioner in the family plants a tree. He leaves the family with a good name and an initiative that puts every mayor on the planet to shame.

Investment in real estate. Housing prices have really increased a lot, but with 450 lek a day, for 120 thousand euros you can buy a good 45-meter studio anywhere in Tirana. Miracle or not? For anyone who raises their eyebrows and calculates that it takes 1000 years to collect this money, they should remember that even Rome was not built in a day. The idea that we want things today, now, immediately, at this moment, at this moment has taken us by the neck as a people and as a nation. We need to cultivate some strategic patience. Good things take time. And good awaits.

The days of drinking Turkish coffee at home to save money are coming to an end. With 450 lek every day, you can have a coffee once every two days at the bar and spend two hours dreaming about wonderful things like lowering the price of bread, medicine, energy, etc., etc.

Millionaire family. If you leave 450 Lek in the bank in the savings account, within only 10 years you can generate 1 million Lek and your grandson can be proud that thanks to his grandfather he can call himself a millionaire. With these 1 million lek, my nephew really cannot buy a car, house or property, but he can be proud to call himself a millionaire.

So with 450 ALL per day, the possibilities for pensioners are endless. You just have to think how 13,000 ALL per month should be put to work.