Rama's strong speech in the Security Council: Kosovo is independent, it cannot be a pretext for annexation of territories!

2023-09-20 18:04:02Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Prime Minister Edi Rama at the UN Security Council meeting

"Kosovo is independent by the decision of the International Criminal Court, and it cannot be a pretext for the annexation of territories", said Edi Rama in the UN Security Council, speaking in the capacity of the Prime Minister of Albania.

Rama declared that Albania has made its decision, siding with the aggressor, which in this case is Ukraine.

The head of the Albanian government, who is the chairman of the meeting of the Security Council, said that the world should go towards building bridges and not "walls for the ghosts of the past".

Excerpts from Rama's speech at the UN Security Council:

How can we have different views on what the aggressor and the aggressed are. We may have different views, but we cannot confuse the aggressor. Albania is a small country that supporting Ukraine may not change the course of the battlefield, but our stance is a contribution to security. History has confirmed that those who have seen war as a shortcut to achieving their goals have regretted it themselves.

No matter how hard you try, Kosovo, whose independence has been sanctioned by the International Criminal Court, cannot serve as a pretext for the annexation of territories. We need cooperation between people, for goods, free movement, we need bridges of cooperation, and not to build walls for the ghosts of the past to hide behind endless blame games. Albania has made its decision to stand by the aggressed, not the aggressor. I am now taking up my duties as chairman of the Security Council.