The journalist found cannabis at school, Balla reacts: We don't have a magic broom to wipe out the distributors

2023-09-20 16:15:42Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Interior Minister Taulant Balla / Journalist Dorjana Bezat with a bag of cannabis

Interior Minister Taulant Balla reacted after a news report on "Top Channel" where the journalist said that she had found a bag of cannabis near a school.

Balla says that the State Police does not have a "magic broom" to hit distributors, however he promises that there will be a systematic commitment of blue uniforms against this phenomenon.

"Neither the State Police nor I, as the Minister of the Interior, have a magic broom to wipe out drug dealers in one fell swoop.

What we want to guarantee for sure to the public is the systematic commitment of the State Police every day against this phenomenon, as never before, to create non-deportable security perimeters near the schools", Balla declares.