Lapaj explains: Today we are a movement, we will become a party in 2025 or 2030, or we went to early elections

2023-09-19 21:23:56Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Adriatic Lapaj

"Albania Becomes" is the newest political movement in our country founded by lawyer Adriatik Lapaj.

He clarified that the formation is not yet a political party, but as the moderator Eni Vasili asked him how he will fulfill the demands of the citizens if there are no votes in the parliament, he said that the possibility of competing in the elections is not ruled out.

According to Lapaj, this will depend on the will of the people.

"This is a journey. One day we will face each other in elections, we do not hide it. We will face each other in the elections and the citizens will be faced with two models, those who want to hold them hostage.

If the citizens say, Adriatik represents us, we can face the elections in 2025, maybe even in 2030. Maybe we will go to early elections, we don't know", he declared in the show "Open".