"The old parties are no longer liked even in Europe", Florjan Binaj tells why he founded a party with Adriatik Lapaj

2023-09-19 18:51:40Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Florjan Binaj

The well-known comedian Florjan Binaj has officially entered politics.

He has joined Adriatik Lapaj, who yesterday presented the political movement "Albania becomes".

"'Albania becomes' is not a political party, but an association, as there comes a moment when neither memes, nor posts, nor even protests are enough.

Therefore, a more powerful structure has been created to put pressure on any government. Even water that is standing in one place is no longer drinkable, no longer the same people, the same decisions.

We are a group that is growing day by day and that does not see Albania as its own shadow but bigger. Time will tell and I will find out in the end what this country needs.

Even in Europe, the old parties are not liked anymore, because they are not olive trees, the older the better, they are people and after a cycle is completed, you have to know how to break away", said Binaj to News24 .