Resignation from the commission, Petro Koçi: The MPs were depraved

2023-09-19 11:00:44Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Petro Koçi in the Breaking studio

A few months ago, MP Petro Koçi resigned from the post of vice-chairman of the Education Commission, after a long clash regarding the Academy law.

 In an interview, for the Breaking show on Top News, Koçi expressed his disappointment with the attitude of some majority MPs, describing it as their debauchery.

" If the opposition is distinguished by promiscuous mouths, what happened within our group, in the family can be called promiscuity. And I'm against promiscuity. I am for an open attitude. Someone can say, look, I'm not with this bill, let's discuss it with the leadership of the group and find another solution. This kind of attitude was cooperative with the opposition and its tactics to pass the law ", said Koçi.

Koçi said that the Socialist Party has no doubt a moral responsibility for suspected cases of corruption, for which it must give an account in the elections.

Koçi says that now after the changes in the government, there is no place for anyone to resign.

I believe there are cases where it happened. But now, after these changes in the government, I believe that it is not the time to talk, but to resign. But if we talk about resignation, then we have to come to the discussion that Prime Minister Rama has had when he accuses him of letting go, letting them go, but when someone resigns, has he let himself go? No. So I think that anyone who in some way compromises the position and the responsibility for which he is charged is quite normal that the one who is above him, that is, is responsible in the case then the prime minister is obliged to make an intervention and react as well releasing him from duty, but this is not called a release or when someone ends up at the door of justice.