The philo-Greek journalist from Himara is "crazy": the flag of Vorio-Epiris is a symbol of Himara's independence

2023-09-18 22:53:15Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ardit Bido and Stavri Marko

The statement of the philo-Greek journalist Stavri Marko has caused a debate on the show "Opinion".

Marko said that Mitsotakis' visit to Himara last year "was carried out under the influence of a great power that cut off the ears and megaphones of Albanian patriots to stop talking about Himara and officially recognize it".

According to the journalist, Himara "was, is and will be a compact Greek minority". After that he said that the symbol of Vorio-Epiris is the symbol of Himara. This caused the reaction of Ardi Bido who said that the flag that Fredi Beleri also used is the flag of burning and killing Albanians.

Blendi Fevziu: So you are saying that Himara, according to you Marko, is a Greek minority?

Stavri Marko: It is a compact Greek minority. It was, is and will be.

Blendi Fevziu : It was, is and will be a compact Greek minority. Meanwhile, Fredi Beleri is running for an Albanian municipality and in his campaign he came out with the flag of Vorio-Epiris, which is an unacceptable symbol in Albania.

Stavri Marko : Regarding the symbol of vorio-epir, it is a symbol of Himara, not of vorio-epir. That flag is a symbol of Himara.

Blendi Fevziu: Is this a symbol of Himara?

Stavri Marko: It is a symbol of Himara's independence.

Blendi Fevziu: Independence from whom?

Stavri Marko: Himara has been independent. He was the first flag.

Ardit Bido: He is a symbol that 10 thousand Albanians have died. It is a symbol of the burning of Borsh of the Himara Municipality, it is a symbol of the burning of Panarit.

Stavri Marko : I'm not even interested in those tales of that gentleman.

Ardit Bido: He is the flag of the burning and killing of Albanians.