The party of Adriatik Lapaj, "Albania Becomes", is presented, from September 23 meetings in every city (Declaration)

2023-09-18 18:50:48Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Adriatic Lapaj

The newest political party in the country "Albania Becomes", founded by lawyer Adriatik Lapaj, was presented today.

In a modest event that lasted a few minutes, Lapaj's party revealed the three main points of its plan, starting with the vote of immigrants, the depoliticization of the administration and the approval of the law on referendums.

Press statement from the "Albania Becomes" party:

Dear representatives of the media,

'Albania Becomes', a team of active citizens and professionals from various fields, starts today its official journey, as a city-wide movement.

In consultation with citizens and experts, our journey will extend to Albania and the Diaspora, including forums in the country's 61 municipalities, legislative advocacy and public debate, to give weight to the opinion, speech and right of the citizen.

In the conditions in which our country is located, related to the current political situations, which have never brought Albania the deserved democracy and true competition, we see it as necessary:

a) The urgent need to commit to the opening of a national debate on the establishment of real democracy, real pluralism and the rule of law.

b) Initiating a nationwide union beyond ideological divisions to impose the foundations of real democracy.

c) The need for an intellectual and unified nationwide movement to discuss and conclude on the imposition of a total national reform focused on:

1. Reforming the electoral system in Albania by opening up competition through the opening of lists, the limitation of governing and representative mandates

2. Approval of the law "On referendums" in the Republic of Albania;

3. Approving the vote of immigrants by determining the modalities of their representation.

4. Depoliticization of the electoral administration at all levels by removing it from politics and transferring it to free professions (lawyers, notaries, licensed professionals, as well as representatives of the justice system such as judges and prosecutors);

In the framework of the above points, 'Albania Becomes' will extend its meetings with citizens and experts, in Albania and the Diaspora, starting on Saturday, September 23 with the residents of Mirdita.

Thanking you for your presence and cooperation, we invite you to contact us for any further information.