Rama ready to head the Security Council for Ukraine: The main topic that will be discussed tomorrow

2023-09-19 22:24:14Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Rama leads the meeting of the Security Council tomorrow

Prime Minister Edi Rama will chair the meeting of the UN Security Council on September 20.

From the latter's hall in New York, Rama gave a video message tonight where he emphasizes that the main topic in the discussions tomorrow will be the war that is taking place in Ukraine and its impact on other countries.

"As part of the work program of the Security Council, during the month of September, under the presidency of Albania, the Council will meet tomorrow for what is most likely the most important meeting for Ukraine since the beginning of the large-scale invasion by Russia . I will have the honor to chair this meeting. The heads of state and government of the members of the Security Council, as well as of the members of the United Nations, including Ukraine, will have the opportunity to express their views and exchange ideas, not only about the ongoing war and its consequences for Ukraine. its people, but also for the impact that the war is having on international peace and security, economic development and multilateral action."

Rama emphasizes that President Zelensky will be present at this meeting tomorrow and the debate will be open. It is expected that a statement will be signed with the Ukrainian President.

"It will be the first time since the beginning of the war that President Zelensky will be at the United Nations and the Security Council. I hope that this high-level open debate will mobilize the world in its joint efforts to condemn the war and the increased pressure on Russia, to reverse course and make way for the start of the just peace process. Since we come from a region where war has caused immense suffering, we are quite aware of the value of peace and the monumental efforts needed to achieve and above all to maintain it. The Charter of the United Nations and International Law lay the foundations of what we call human security." They constitute a break from the past with the traditional practice of dominance, imposition or that of the "mighty who has the right".

The Prime Minister ends the post like this:

"This is why Albania has decided to emphasize the essential need for an effective multilateral action, as the best method for solving common problems, especially peace and security, in the discussion of the Council and, more widely, among the members of the Nations United. So it's decided!”

Albania is a non-permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations since January 1, 2022, while on June 11, 2021, Albania was elected a non-permanent member of the Security Council for the period 2022-2023.

Rama will direct the open debate in the SC with the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres and President Joe Biden.