STRONG declaration for bets/ Braçe: We have received threats from the prison bars, you are defending crime!

2023-09-20 11:03:44Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Erion Brace

With strong tones and accusations, the deputy of the SP, Erion Braçe, expressed his criticism of gambling.

He said that together with his colleagues, they received threatening messages from prison cells.

"What surprises me in this commission is that a part of us and a part of those who are invited know what happened to this phenomenon. Let's say things as they are. In 2018, for years in a row, this activity has been in the hands of crime. I may not like it, since you are not connected with crime, but I am surprised, but you should not represent crime in this institution. That sentence of yours that 'if those companies that were not returned, it will be very bad' has been translated as blackmail. With the exception of one company that resisted to the end, the others were forced to drop their betting sites. That company refused to sell the activity, the business. They were forced through violence and crime. You can keep saying no; but I and some people who are in this commission, you know what my colleagues and I got out of prison, from prison cells through telephones (threats). It's playing now, but do you know who is organizing this activity so we can get them and bring them out of the dark today. If we are at this point that we are today, I am telling you that corrupt policemen, judges and prosecutors were part of such games, from casinos and betting. They became part of that illegal process, down there in the territory. But who is playing now and who is doing it now?", Braçe said.

The former head of the Betting Association, Artan Shyrti, said today in the Economy Commission that this law has problems and that through it the players have better to continue in illegality.

According to him, if the existing companies are not restored, this initiative will fail. " The law has problems that have not been taken into account and with this law the players have better to continue in illegality.

In the world there are also physical points not only online. The law requires declaring even small amounts, this will also prevent tourists from gambling.

Why only foreign companies, they will send the money abroad. If the companies that were not brought back, this initiative will fail ," he said.