"Enver burned their houses, Rama is burning their churches", who is the Turkish author who writes in the Greek media against Albanians

2023-10-03 09:45:26Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ARBEN LLALLA
Uzay Bulut

By Arben Llalla

The journalist of Turkish origin, Uzay Bulut, had published an article on the Greek security portal "Greeekcytitimes.com" in English and raised false claims that the Greek minority in Albania has been persecuted, killed and robbed for tens of years.

Her scandalous writing begins with the advocacy of Fredi Beleri, and then goes on to mention several untrue cases of "persecution and persecution of Greeks in Albania".

Journalist Uzay Bulut says that Greeks in Albania have been persecuted since the time of Enver Hoxha, who burned their houses, took their lands and deported them to Greece. However, the facts are completely different, there are many who testify that the Greek minority during the dictatorship was among the most "privileged" in the country. But who is the "famous Turkish" journalist!?

Bulut is a Turkophobic "journalist" who writes "unbelievable" articles mainly, surprisingly, in foreign (non-Turkish) media, among which the "greekcitytimes" portal is also a part.

A detail that makes the pseudo-journalist even more disgusting is that she finds herself a source of income with the motivation "..see what the Turks say about...", especially in the articles she writes in particular for the country's newspapers/portals with which Turkey "doesn't do so well". It gives more the impression of a sellout character who betrays his homeland to benefit from foreign funds.

With the disinformation work she does, she is not a journalist, but a political assassin. She writes for all anti-Turkish media outside Turkey, even those related to FETO. She is one of the first journalists to comment on an article shared on the Internet by a Greek racist (For example, from a quick check I did on the Internet, some of the topics that have been addressed by the Greeks and this journalist has commented are: "Ataturk and his army committed genocide against the Greeks", "The Turkish invasion of Cyprus", "Crimes committed by Turkey", etc. All these comments and its analysis based on a senseless hatred and not on historical scientific facts. The articles appear completely biased, as if they were written by a racist Greek who is a member of the Golden Dawn and a sympathizer of Nazism.

What caught my eye is that in her writings Uzay Bulut is generally against the Turks and Turkey and its strategic allies such as Albania and the Albanians.

This attitude of hers is also seen in her articles in the English version of the Egyptian newspaper "Al-Ahram". He has also written articles without any real argument and historical research supporting baseless, unproven and even illogical discourses of Armenia.

With the hostile attitude against Turkey and the Turks, it has managed to find a place in foreign newspapers and institutes. She is very popular on California (USA) Armenian Twitter accounts (X). He has a large number of sympathetic followers from Greece and Greek Cyprus, from which he also receives a large income for the articles he writes.
From quick searches on the Internet, you learn that Uzay Bulut is anti-Turkish, who defends Greeks, Armenians, Kurds. It is misinformative, as can be seen from the writing about Beleri, where she has no idea where Albania falls with some data provided by the Greeks, as it seems that her writing has no coherence, without serious historical sources.

So at first the reader seems to be dealing with an anarchist journalist, maybe a defender of human rights, but she is a political assassin, hysterical and in conclusion it should be said that the reader should not equate her writing with the attitude of Turkey and the Turks towards the Albanians.