It is revealed why Laert Haxhiu had put a tritol on the business of Noizy's father, the connection with Cllevion!

2023-09-28 15:48:41Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Noizy/ Laert Haxhiu/ Clevio

Details regarding an explosion that occurred on Durrës beach, where the target was the business owned by Bashkim Rajkut.

The repentant justice confessed that Laert Haxhiu was informed by his mother about the fight that had happened between his friend Kleviol Ahmetaj, known by the stage name Cllevio, and the singer Rigers Rajkut, known by the name Noizy.

In this telephone conversation, the penitent says that Laerti's mother was worried and sorry because there was a lot of media coverage, writes Ora .

After this phone call, Laert Haxhia contacted Artan Tafanin about finding 1 kg of tritol and to give it to Bashkim Rajku's business.

Explosives were taken in Tepelena and brought to Durrës by the suspects, the police say that the suspects in this event are:  Laert Haxhiu , Marjus Tafani , Lulzim Spahija , Ersiano Abedini .