Sazan Guri surprises with the statement: Mother of Christ, Mary had an Albanian name!

2023-09-28 15:40:04Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Carp Stone

The environmentalist, Sazan Guri, has made a surprising statement, invited to " abc ", he said that based on his studies, the name Mary, the mother of Christ, is an Albanian name.

He has emphasized that Maria is a 'fullness' name, if you put 'b' in the Toscan language it is good, Maria is 'mar' in the Gege language.

" Let's take it seriously, there are many facts and books, but the only thing is that Albanians do a lot that Europe cannot do together, but they write little and do not know words.

Even Maria is a 'mbarësi' name, if you put 'b' in the Tuscan language it is good, Maria is 'mar' in the Greek language and Finiqi had 9 thousand names in practice and 500 names are in church books, 500 names Marie, 200 -300 BC.

So, so many names used both in the North and in the South at that time, that it is an almost official name and Maria has no other explanation than the etymology of the word, says the great Albert Nikolaj, that the meaning of the word and the name, it is inside the name.

For example, if you say Venus and they explain it as 'sea foam', there is no connection, the meaning is within the name, 'close to the day' ", said Guri, among other things.