The Colombian and Albanian cartel "come together", 2 tons of cocaine worth 430 million pounds are seized in Ireland!

2023-09-28 13:31:25Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
2 tons of cocaine worth 430 million pounds are seized in Ireland

Colombia's biggest drug cartel and a European criminal syndicate led by Albanians are the main suspects in the biggest cocaine seizure in Irish waters.

According to  the Irish Independent,  2.25 tonnes of cocaine was found on board a 190m cargo ship believed to be owned by Colombia's notorious ' Gulf Clan ' cartel off the Irish coast on Tuesday.

The seizure of the drugs was made by a military operation, where elite special forces descended from a helicopter on the moving cargo ship.

The gang's aim was to load the cargo onto a trawler and land it in Ireland, then distribute it.

This plan fell through after the fisherman, after failing to reach the cargo ship due to bad weather, ended up crashing off the coast of Wexford.

According to the Irish Independent, investigators also suspect the Kinahan cartel - a notorious organized crime group in Ireland - had a "significant" role in smuggling cocaine.

Multiple sources told Irish media that the cargo ship was being used purely for cocaine trafficking and, unlike other drug vessels crossing the Atlantic, was not carrying legitimate cargo.

The sources also confirmed that crew members tried to burn the cocaine and throw it into the life raft as Special Forces roped off the ship, but the soldiers managed to put out the fire and only some of the outer packaging melted.