NAME/ Laert Haxhiu's girlfriend 'MODELE' suspected of murder and embezzlement (Details and photos)

2023-09-28 12:40:10Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Laert Haxhiu/ Klea Gjata

Artan alias Marjus Tafani, one of the soldiers of Laert Haxhiu's gang in Lushnjë, has fallen into the hands of the criminal police, and then turned into an accomplice of the prosecutor's office in Elbasan.

His arrest was carried out in Tirana by an operational team in the capital's Police, which for some time had located the location where Tafani was hiding.

While among the persons arrested for murder, it is learned that there is also Klea Gjata, who you see in the following photo.

NAME/ Laert Haxhiu's girlfriend 'MODELE' suspected of murder and

Klea is said to be the girlfriend of Laert Haxhiu, accused of several murders, Klea Gjata is suspected of being involved in serious criminal events, such as murder, fines , etc., carried out in cooperation, writes Ora .

It is also reported that her fingerprints were taken for verification and her connection to concrete events.