Altin Dumani: We have surprising developments for Arben Ahmatej!

2023-09-28 14:30:32Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Arben Ahmetaj

The head of the Special Prosecution Against Corruption and Organized Crime, Altin Dumani, has revealed that there are new developments regarding Arben Ahmetaj, who is still on the run.

During a meeting with journalists, Altin Dumani said that there are surprising developments, but the location of the former deputy prime minister, who has been declared wanted by SPAK on several charges, is still unknown.

"We have no concrete data on where Arben Ahmetaj is located. It has been verified and we know clearly when it left Albania. There are new and surprising developments," Dumani told reporters without giving details.

The last development made public by the Ahmetaj case was when the Special Court rejected the request of the former number 2 to the government, who requested the removal of the seizure from a bank account, worth 108 thousand euros, which was blocked in a second-level bank in the framework of the property investigation against him. 

He has been declared internationally wanted since July 24, 2023, as he is accused of "non-declaration, false declaration and concealment of wealth", alone and in cooperation, "Passive corruption of high state officials or local elected officials" in six cases, "Cleaning of the products of the criminal offense or criminal activity".