BREAKING NEWS/ The former deputy mayor of Librazhd municipality is arrested (Name)

2023-09-28 13:46:10Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Andri Çota

The former vice-mayor of the Librazhd Municipality, and also the former administrator of the Sopoti team,  Andri Çota , has fallen into the hands of the police. Several months of investigations have established that Çota abused his duties as administrator of the Sopot team, which he led for 8 years. The former senior official is accused of treating the "Sopoti" team and the funds provided by the Municipality as private property.

It is learned that it was a denunciation made to the police by the general secretary in the municipality, citizen Bajram Pishkashi , that set the Librazhdi and Elbasan police in motion.

The BP citizen stated to the police that Mr. Çota administers a Facebook page called Librazhdi Meme , which he says he uses for malicious purposes, using insults and personal insults, not even sparing his family.

The whistleblower claims that Çota tried to denigrate his figure through this social network. That was enough for the blue squads to start a proper investigation and discover some of the violations of the former high official.

Police notification:

DVP Elbasan/Finalized police operation coded "Loading", after 1 month of investigations with proactive methods.

A wanted citizen, accused of abuse of office, is caught and put in handcuffs.

Following the investigative operational work, based on the information provided by the police intelligence, for a case of misuse of duty, the structures for the Investigation of Economic and Financial Crimes of DVP Elbasan, after a month of investigations with proactive methods, at the direction of the Prosecution of Elbasan , have finalized the coded police operation "Loading".

As a result, citizen Andri Çota, 37 years old, resident of Librazhd, was caught and detained.

For this citizen, the Court of First Instance of Elbasan General Jurisdiction, on 21.09.2023, has set the security measure "Arrest in prison", as it is suspected that during the time he held the post of deputy mayor of Librazhd municipality, he misused the fund for sports club, causing economic damage.

Investigations continue for the complete documentation of this case.

The procedural materials were passed to the Prosecution at the Court of First Instance of Elbasan General Jurisdiction, for further actions.