"Shaban Murseli should be arrested", Milaim Zeka makes a strong statement: He drove Liridona out of the house, protected the boy...

2023-12-11 14:41:57Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Journalist Milaim Zeka

Almost two weeks have passed since the murder of Liridona Ademaj, but this event still remains in the public's attention and every day there are new details and developments.

Journalist Milaim Zeka, speaking for "Albania LIVE", has revealed new details about Liridona's relationship with Naim's family. He said that they had conflicts, and referring to a statement where Shaban Murseli stated that he had the deceased as his daughter, he said that this is a lie. He stated that he has recorded a conversation where it is proven that he drove his son and Liridona out of the house.

"Shaban Murseli should be arrested. The father came out and said if I had known I would have killed him with my own hands for his son, and then defended him saying that he had met him in prison and the boy was innocent. Naim's father lied when he said that he had Liridona as his daughter. I have information recorded by Liridona's family members, that Naim's father had kicked them both out of the house. They moved to Germany from Sweden. There are many questions," said Zeka.