Greek minorities protest in front of SPAK, Dhuli: Free Fred Beleri and arrest Jorgo Goro

2023-12-11 13:49:57Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Omonia protests in front of SPAK for the release of Fredi Beleri

A group of Greek minorities, part of the OMONIA organization, protested today in front of SPAK demanding the release of Fredi Beleri.

This is the first mass protest, organized in front of the premises of SPAK, as those present have accused the new justice of playing politics with the Beleri case.

Skerdilajt Dhuli, in a statement for "Top Neës", said that the transfer of the municipality to Beleri means "opening Pandora's box" for Prime Minister Edi Rama.

"Fred Beleri is the winner, he was voted by the residents of Himara, why don't we respect the will?" I had Jorgo Goron as mayor for 12 years, I went and punished him with votes, this is the mechanism. We are discussing conditions that would be normal in any country.

The one who should be arrested is Jorgo Goro, but the prosecutors have not yet received Edi Rama's permission. SPAK is doing politics with us and not justice, the problem is not Fred Beleri, the problem is the municipality, if the municipality is allowed to change, Pandora's box will be opened for Edi Rama", declared Dhuli.

The Special Court is expected to give the decision today to approve or not Beler's permission to be sworn in as mayor of Tirana.

The pressure on the judges is great, while the MP Vangjel Dule and the Greek ambassador in Tirana are present at the session.