TRAGEDY in the ALBANIAN family in ITALY/ Two DRAMAs within a year, Altin Hoti's mother: I lost 3 children!

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The three young people who lost their lives in Italy: Altini, Egli and Giulia

The bridge of the tragedy has been transformed into an altar of flowers and light, a painful place of pilgrimage where tears and hugs prevail for the loss of three young people, all in their 20s: Altini, Egli and Giulia .

Their photos sit right there, along with the empty barrier space that is now missing after money was taken from the car they were traveling in. 

"They were my friends, look how beautiful they are", touches a young girl with her words. He touches the photos lightly and adds "we put them on dinner last night, they were needed and left this world together", referring to Altini and Giulia, who were lovers.

The house where Giulia lived is a few minutes away from the scene. Mother Dorotea is not there, she is still in shock. He has gone to the house of his relatives, but he cannot find peace. They were very close, everyone says, the 20-year-old was passionate about artistic gymnastics, so much so that she became a teacher.

A girl whom everyone describes as smiling, resourceful, full of life and enthusiasm, generous and dedicated. He was currently taking an online Economics course in addition to working.

There are still books and lecture schedules on her desk in the bedroom. Father Vittorio asked on Saturday morning at the morgue to see his daughter. It was not possible, it was not yet the moment and the pain prevailed.

At Giulia's house, during the afternoon, her cousins, Alessandro and Lorenzo take care of the couple's 3 dogs. The cousins ??grew up together, in two small villas that are located opposite each other. Lorenzo and Giulia were the same age and grew up as if they were brother and sister. 

"Altini and I were friends, we knew each other at school, I will always love him dearly, but he took my cousin," he says, holding back tears.

"But I can't say that I don't have a grudge against him. He did something stupid, he was irresponsible. However, saying that it was Altini's fault, or that he killed him, are two different things. He didn't want to hurt her, he loved her very much."

Altini, after losing his younger brother Admir, in May of this year due to a car accident, was no longer the same.

 "He didn't want to go out, he didn't want to talk, he didn't want to listen to those constant consolations", continues Lorenzo. 

" Since that day he stopped working, now he was looking for something. The only consolation was that BMW he had bought with the savings of his first jobs, the shared passion he had with his little brother. It wasn't good ."

That night, the cousin says, " I had asked Giulia and Altini to come to my house, they had come other times. But at first they didn't want to go out, we talked via text messages. While they took the car with Eglin and never came back .

In the house of 22-year-old Altin Hoti, the drama is that of a mother who lost two sons in a few months. 

"I lost three," she says, crying. Impossible to comfort him, because he had Giulia as a daughter. The 20-year-old woman, after the first tragedy that struck the family, tried in every way to stay close to her boyfriend and his mother. Other friends feel almost lucky.

Who didn't get in the car, who left a little earlier, who had left it to go out, but fell asleep, like Vittorio.

"Fate told him that it was not his moment", commented the people gathered near the tragic bridge.  

We remind you that two young Albanians, Altin Hoti and Egli Gjeci, as well as the young Italian Giulia Di Tullio, lost their lives in the tragic accident that happened during the hours of Friday night.

Egli was originally from Albania, while Altini was originally from Kosovo. The three lived in Portogruaro, Altini had been in a relationship with Giulia for 2 years and was driving the vehicle when the triple tragedy occurred.

According to the investigation so far, the BMW was speeding. Witnesses said the car went straight around a bend, passed the bridge barrier and ended up in the river.

According to the autopsy, the three young men died as a result of drowning. Altin Hoti just 6 months ago lost his little brother Admir Hoti in a car accident./ CorriereDellaSera